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Nintendo released a Firmware update for all 2DS/3DS devices bringing the current firmware version up to 11.6.0-39U.

If you’re already modded with Luma3DS CFW installed then updating to 11.6 is safe in the sense it won’t brick your system, and the mod will still work. And for those of you who had your system hard-modded, fear not, you can always downgrade back to your original firmware (pre-mod) in the worst case scenario.

So while nothing will happen to your homebrew apps or CFW if you update, it’s too early to tell what Nintendo has changed and so updating isn’t really recommended just yet. The exploit used to hardmod the system is in the hardware, so Nintendo can’t patch it, but they can still do other nasty things..


Update available for Luma Updater

Luma Updater was updated recently to v2.2, although as there was no update to Luma3DS itself, updating is still recommended.

If you want to update the app, simply launch it while you’re connected to the Internet and follow the on screen instructions.

For more information including the change log, please visit the developers page: