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Release: FreePlay64 for iOS

I have just released “FreePlay64” on my Temporary Repository (Link Below).

FreePlay64 is an App available from my Cydia repository that will install 31 Games into the Commodore 64 App for iOS.

These games are actually already located in the C64 Directory, this utility will extract and install each game as they were originally designed to be played, unmodified. I may decided to release a modified package with full Keyboard support in the future if there’s enough interest in such.

I will release these as individual packages soon for those of you that don’t want to install all of them.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you delete and re-install the Commodore 64 App before installing this package to avoid any conflicts or errors. Once you have re-installed C64, just tap the “FreePlay64” Icon on your springboard and once it finishes the installation it will automatically close and then you may safely remove the “FreePlay64” icon from your screen if using Cydelete, or via Cydia > Manage > Packages > FreePlay64.

I have quite a few projects going at the moment so be sure to follow me on Twitter for updates when those are released. I’m working on other emulators and apps as well.

Repository IconTemporary Repository: http://cydia.myrepospace.com/DNA64/
Details: I’m doing some much needed updating and maintenance on my official Cydia repository, so until further notice the above repository will contain all future releases.

Please install it via Cydia.
You can click HERE if browsing on your iOS Device.

NO Jailbreak?
Download iPhone Explorer (PC & MAC): http://www.macroplant.com/iphoneexplorer/
(Thanks to JeFurry for pointing out that non-jailbroken users can install packages using the above software.)

Step 1.
Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your PC or Mac and launch iPhone Explorer (Download link posted above).

Step 2.
Select your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from the list and goto Apps > C64 > C64.app
You will see a series of files ending in .zip like this “com.manomio.C64.airwolf.zip”.
Drag and Drop all of the .zip files to a location on your PC or Mac, and extract them all.

Step 3.
Inside the extracted zip files folders you will find another .zip file.
Example: “airwolf.zip” and a .sign file “airwolf.sign”. (You can delete the .sign file.)

Extract this .zip file and you will see two folders inside.
Example: Airwolf & Images
Copy all images in the images folder to the other folder (Airwolf in this example).

Step 4.
Now copy the other folder (Airwolf in this example) to the “games” folder in Apps > C64 > C64.app/.

Step 5.
Open up the C64 app and your new game will appear. Else you did something wrong or the app was running in the background (Reboot).


C64.app v1.2.24 Findings

Part 1
I finally got around to checking out v1.2.24 of the Commodore 64 Emulator (C64.app) for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch (I’m doing this as I type in fact), and while I already mentioned that you can still play custom games, I didn’t go much further into detail. This will be a multi-part post involving the exploration, discovery and exploitation of the latest release (1.2.24).
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C64.app v1.2 Still vulnerable to custom games exploit!


I just updated to 1.2 and used the gamepack to install some custom games, and it works just like in 1.1.11.
The only noticeable change to me was the Joystick is now on the Left Side! Yay!

More updates on this version soon!


I also just noticed some changes in the settings.
Screenshots etc to follow…

Release: GamePack for C64 Emulator! (Build 3)

This is an Update to Build 2 of the GamePack I released earlier.

The games are the same, however I have added additional error checking.
The install script will now search for the “install” file in “/usr/bin/” if the file exists the script will continue. If it cannot find the required file, it will copy the install file included with this GamePack and the set the correct permissions before continuing with the install.
(No Wifi is required, as I opted out of using apt-get as originally planed.)

You can download the new build below:
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Release: GamePack for C64 Emulator! (Build 2)

This is an Update to Build 1 of the GamePack I released earlier.

The games are the same, however I have corrected some errors in the README.txt
(Thanks Darren for pointing those out!) and I have added additional error checking
as well as cleaned up the install output.

Darren also pointed out that there was a _MACOSX folder in the GamePack directory
and another GamePack directory under the GamePack directory, how ever the duplicated
folder was caused by the extraction software and method of extraction. So now instead
of the files being in a folder called GamePack, you will need to extract them to a folder
named “GamePack” (Case sensitive) the same as the zip file “GamePack.zip”.

You can download the new build below:
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How To: Toggle the screen glare on/off

This is guide is going to be short and sweet for now.

This guide will show you how to remove the frame and disable or change the glares effect.

In the C64.app folder on your iPhone or iPod Touch you will find the following images.

Rename the above images to anything you like to disable them.

– The overlay2.png file is what I assume to be the old overlay image. You can enable it by renaming it to “newoverlay_interlaced.png”. This will give you a darker overlay on the upper part of the screen where the glare was. To be honest I think both overlays are an eye sore and have removed the overlay altogether.

The custom “newoverlay_interlaced.png” image above was provided by Mackie and he was kind enough to share it here with us all. If you would like to download the custom image please save the image from the link below.