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Nintendo released a Firmware update for all 2DS/3DS devices bringing the current firmware version up to 11.6.0-39U.

If you’re already modded with Luma3DS CFW installed then updating to 11.6 is safe in the sense it won’t brick your system, and the mod will still work. And for those of you who had your system hard-modded, fear not, you can always downgrade back to your original firmware (pre-mod) in the worst case scenario.

So while nothing will happen to your homebrew apps or CFW if you update, it’s too early to tell what Nintendo has changed and so updating isn’t really recommended just yet. The exploit used to hardmod the system is in the hardware, so Nintendo can’t patch it, but they can still do other nasty things..


iPhone 3G Developments

[Archive from my old blog]
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

iPhone 3G Developments

I’ve been too busy to post lately so forgive me for the dead air..

I’ve started using IRC again, though not using my old reg’d nick so I’m no longer
a higher power in the channels. But it was never something I asked for, It was always given,
and op or not I could care less, however there are some annoyances that come without ops,
such as lippy n00bs and other members with privs that weren’t around back then, or just don’t know me.
(My fault for changing my nick. “Privacy issue”)

Anyways, I was talking in the channels with pH and tested a script he made based off of GeoHot’s
exploit. It worked and made me focus on improvements as well as trying to downgrade the 5.9 boot loader to 5.8
since I had previous experience in the old 1.x days helping out a certain dev team.

There was allot of drama back then and people went separate ways (#mini-devs) etc

Well I’m not scared to brick my iPhone, because it’s rather hard to do, and even in it’s so called bricked state I’ve
risen it from the dead, so with all the tinkering I was doing I noticed my iPhone 3G was now displaying my pay as you go
carrier, but I was still on the 2.30.03 BB, so it seems I had unlocked the BB and getting all excited I burst out with excitement in the channel that I had unlocked it, and of course I was flamed. I did try to take video footage, but sadly its crap, and no one likes screen shots, so what did I do to unlock the iPhone 3G running 2.2.1 & 02.30.03 BB….

I have no clue!
I was simply using old and new tools to erase the BB and upload a new one, and now I can use my “Pay as you go” sim.

Do I care if no one believes me? No.

Will I release my unlock?
Sure, even though the community wasn’t very supportive, I just have to try and retrace my steps.

I’ll post some screen shots, bbinfo from minicom, logs video what ever I can think of to help you believe its real.
But I won’t bend your arm behind your back, so if you choose to remain in disbelief, so be it, I really don’t give a shit 🙂

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
iPhone Firmware Easter Egg?
“Re: 3G 02.03.03 Unlock”

It seems during my tests to unlock this phone and downgrade the 5.9BL I discovered an Easter Egg, rather then an unlock. (What else was I to think?) A Rogers Locked iPhone 3G running Firmware 2.2.1 with the 02.30.03BB OOB can without hacks/unlocking run “Pay as you go” cards from *SPEAKOUT*. I did a little digging and it seems that SpeakOut pays to use the Rogers Network. Interesting no? I wonder what other sims will work OOB on locked phones world wide.

iPhone 3G Software Unlock Released!

[Archive from my old blog]
Thursday, January 1, 2009

iPhone 3G Software Unlock Released!

The Software unlock for the iPhone 3G has been released and can be installed using Installer.app or Cydia.app(Firmware 2.2 only!)

For complete details please visit the Official Site of the iPhone Dev Team responsible for the unlock.