How to: Capture & Stream Gameplay

This guide is a work in progress, please check back later for the completed guide. – Thx

As of 11.4 all of the systems I mod are capable of Capturing and Streaming Game Play with the assistance of a computer and some free capture software. I originally was reluctant to support this feature as it’s far from perfect, but there was simply too much demand to ignore it.

How to Capture & Stream Game Play

Step 1.
Select 3.5.

Step 2.

Open/Run Kit-Kat on your computer (It should display “Ready to connect to ‘’” or similar.. Click on the BLUE “Connect” Button. (It should display “Successfully Connected…”. If not follow the suggestions and try again.)

Step 3. 
Load/Start a Game (You have to power the system off and on and repeat steps 1-3 if you want to start a new game). If everything appears working you can move on to Step 4.

Step 4.
Open/Run OBS Studio on your computer.
Add a New Windows Capture Source.
Create New, name it 3DS and hit OK.
Select “[NTRViewer.exe]” from the Window drop down menu in OBS and click OK.

Step 5.
Connect an AUX Cable from the 3DS headphone jack to your Line-In/Mic jack on your computer. Configure OBS Studio to record audio from the Line-In/Mic jack.

Step 6.
Hit that “Start Recording” and do a quick capture and playback test before you use the “Start Streaming” Button because sometimes, even though everything seems like it’s setup and working proper, it’s not.