Anemone – Theme Manager


A Theme and Splashscreen Manager for the Nintendo3DS, written in C.

The features of the theme manager include:

  • Support for installing a single theme to your 3DS
  • Support for installing up to 10 shuffle themes
  • QR code reading to install themes from QR codes
  • Support for previewing your themes before installing them
  • Support for installing boot splashes (Luma3DS only)
  • Install BGM only


  1. Create the /Themes/ and /Splashes/ folders on your SD card
  2. Put all of your themes in the /Themes/ folder. These can either be zips, or folders.
  3. Put all of your splashes in the /Splashes/ folder. These must be folders.
  4. Instructions for usage are available once you’re in the app.
  5. Pressing START will quick reboot your 3DS. This is necessary for themes to apply properly.

Known Issues: There seems to be a bug that may require a reboot for themes to properly apply. If you install a theme and don’t see any changes, reboot and the theme should change.

Pronunciation: Anemone /əˈnɛmən/

Developer Page: