Q: How many NES Games are installed?
A: There are currently over 700 NES titles included!

Q: Are any other systems installed?
A: Only NES Games are supported under the default installation. However, other systems are available upon request for an additional fee.

Q: Will my game saves be intact after the mod?
A: Absolutely! All previous game saves are backed-up before beginning the mod. As is a dump of your kernel and NAND.

Q: Is there anyway you can brick my system by modding it?
A: “Acts of God” aside, No. The first step I take is making a backup of your NAND to use. In the unlikely event of a brick, this can be used to recover your system. I have over 25 years of experience in electronics, and 20+ Years in modding. I haven’t bricked a system yet *knock on wood*.

Q: How long does it take, and can I wait while you do it?
A: A standard install takes 30-45mins. Custom requests could take longer. You’re welcome to wait in the lobby while I mod your system or you can leave and come back. It’s up to you.