NES Classic Mod

Complete Collection! 

Choose the games YOU want installed.
With over 1,000 Nintendo ROMS I have what you’re looking for!
Official, Unofficial, Imports, Translations, and Hacks.

System space is limited, however there is enough room for all 714 known Licensed NES titles and It’s possible to add more games, but you increase the risk of errors and softbricking the system rendering it unusable until repaired. See the F.A.Q. page for more information.

High quality box art!
You won’t find any old low resolution scans of decaying boxes covered in stickers here.
All box art is carefully and individually selected and if needed resized or created in some cases if high quality versions aren’t available.

Meta Data
All games feature meta data related to the game. Including the number of players, release date and publisher information. This information is necessary for sorting games as well as for some games to work properly. Without it you can’t play multi-player games.

Bonus Features

  • AutoFire/Turbo Mode – Hold select + A/B to enable AutoFire on A/B
  • Reset Function – Hold down + select to exit the game and go back to the main menu
  • Power Off Function – Shutdown the system without having to get up!

Custom Themes
See the custom themes page for more information.