• Q: How many games can the classic system hold?
    A: This is actually a complicated question. The NES Classic system can hold over 700 NES Games, but that’s because of their very small file and save sizes. The SNES Classic meanwhile can only hold around 60-100 games depending on if you want to keep your save slots. Other games can take up much more space, with some not even fitting on the system without expanding the storage. In total the system has around 200-250mb of free space, but that doesn’t mean you should use it, doing so can soft brick the system if it runs out of memory.
  • Q: Can I run other systems like Gameboy, Nintendo 64, Sega, etc?A: Absolutely! There’s several other systems you can install as you’ll see on this page, however the lack of buttons on the controllers may become and issue, as can performance and other issues like game saves. You may be better off with a more efficient and established Raspberry Pi 3 system.
  • Q: Will my game saves be intact after the mod?A: All previous game saves are backed-up before beginning the mod. As is a dump of your kernel and NAND.
  • Q: Is there anyway you can brick my system by modding it?A: “Acts of God” aside, No. The first step I take is making a backup of your NAND to use. In the unlikely event of a brick, this can be used to recover your system. I have over 25 years of experience in electronics, and 20+ Years in modding. I haven’t bricked a system yet *knock on wood*.
  • Q: Can I remove the mod if I don’t like it?A: Absolutely! Removing the mod is quick and easy enough for anyone to do. If you have troubles or questions I can guide you through the process of removal.
  • Q: How long does it take, and can I wait while you do it?A: A default install takes roughly 15 minutes. Custom requests and **storage upgrades could take longer. You’re welcome to wait in the lobby while I mod your system or you can leave and come back. It’s up to you. (**Same day service is not currently available.)
  • Q: What are the expanded storage options?A: *Any USB Storage Device (*Compatibility is limited and mostly unknown), combined with custom firmware and a special cable/adapter (Included).An internal mod is also available that expands the systems storage internally, though it’s not accessible without taking the system apart.
  • Q: How large is the special cable or adapter?A: The required cable or adapter is very small and discreet.
    (Click here for an Image – Currently Unavailable.)
  • Q:  Does the games menu look the same after the mod?A: While I do offer optional custom user interfaces, these are only installed by request, also due to possible conflicts on the system with other mods, they may not be available to all users. The appearance of the menu will go relatively unchanged and again this really depends on how many systems and games you decide you want. The more systems and games installed, the more new icons and folders on your system.
  • Q: Do games that are stored externally display the same as those displayed internally?A: Games are displayed however you want them, it maters very little whether they’re on internal or external media.
  • Q: Can games be separated on the main menu by their Console Icon?A: Yes, Games are displayed however you want them.