Boot9Strap Updated to v1.3

SciresM has released an update to Boot9Strap and the newest release is v1.3.

Updating B9S is recommended, but is NOT mandatory at this time and can be a little more complicated for some. Here is an easy to follow guide you can follow to update, it’s really simple 😛

Developer Page:


Update available for Luma Updater

Luma Updater was updated recently to v2.2, although as there was no update to Luma3DS itself, updating is still recommended.

If you want to update the app, simply launch it while you’re connected to the Internet and follow the on screen instructions.

For more information including the change log, please visit the developers page:

Homebrew Launcher Cleanup Script

I wrote a small script for modded 3DS users with Godmode9 that removes outdated and unnecessary applications from the Homebrew Launcher menu. You may download it from the link below.
If you’re curious about how it works, it’s in plain text and can be viewed using WordPad or Notepad etc. To make it easier to open just change the extension to .txt



Themely update for all 3DS/2DS users.

Due to concerns brought forward about the projects now closed source code, I have switched to using the Open Source Fork by ihaveamac. Unfortunately at this time it doesn’t have the update that allows you browse themes directly from the system itself. So for now, you’ll have to continue to get themes from

An update is available for Themely  (1.4.0) that allows you to browse themes directly from your modded handheld. If your system was modded on or after the 23rd of August you already have this update.

You can install the update using the Guide below.
Please note: xDS refers to 3DS, New 3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS XL, 2DS, and New 2DS XL.

Updating Themely

First visit the Developer Page:

  1. Next launch the FBI application installed on your xDS.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select “Remote Install” > “Scan QR Code”.
  3. Scan the QR Code on the developers page to install.
  4. Launch the app and enjoy the update, it’s that easy!


Changes coming soon!

I’ve ignored this site for too long and it’s eating me alive looking at it’s current state, it’s time for regular updates and a fresh look, so stay tuned because some big changes are coming soon!

I’ve already started making some changes, but the majority of those won’t be visible until some point in July when I have more time to work on everything.

Broken Links :(

I recently became aware that the site now has several dead or broken links as a result of the domain move, I’m aware of the issue and will be working on fixing many of those over the coming weeks.

– Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Update: As the site will be undergoing a major overhaul there isn’t much point in fixing the broken links. I will fix everything for the new site.