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Broken Links

After a problem with my previous longtime host I was forced to move everything here (till I move my domain to my new host) and just realized the links didn’t update themselves. If you come across a broken links, just change them to match this domain.

I’ve already fixed quite a few, but there’s bound to be some I miss.
I’m working on it.


News for March 2013

Here is a long overdue update on what I’m working on and whats new.

1. This site will be getting a new look (hopefully soon), and as such I have registered a new domain

2. I’ve setup an official YouTube Channel! (Finally!), unfortunately someone took my username just before I could secure it, so here is my channel under it’s official name…

3. I’ve been working hard on hacking Clash of Clans and have had great success all of which will be revealed when I have exploited the hell of it ;P

4. I’ve updated Blizzard, a downloadable tutorial/zip package I wrote to help users with no Wi-Fi on their iPhone 3G/3Gs unlock using Ultrasn0w. Official Post: (I’ll move this eventually..)

5. I’ve been requested by several users to update the C64 GamePacks, I am working on this, sorry for the delay!

6. Someone asked me to update my “Lemon Aid” script, I will see what I can do.

7. I have lot’s of projects in the works involving a few Raspberry Pi’s, more on that in the near future.

8. I purchased a Nintendo VS. Unisystem Cabinet long ago and haven’t found time to work on it, sad really because I had great plans for it.

9. I’m modding two iCade’s, they’ve been sitting around for months unfinished so hopefully I can get around to those soon and show them off.

10. I picked up a SNES Top Fighter Arcade stick and have a few ideas for it, I’ll probably replace the switches, and have already done the buttons which I swapped out into an iCade. Maybe I’ll make it work with iOS or perhaps stick a Raspberry Pi inside 😉

11. I picked up a Teddy Ruxpin and will be repairing his head which is not working. I may or may not make him remote/blutooth controlled.

That’s pretty much all I care to share for now. Stay tuned to Twitter and Subscribe to my YouTube for the latest updates.


CSS Java Free OnMouseOver

[Archive from my old blog]
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CSS Java Free OnMouseOver
Thanks to some help from a friend Basik its complete!

Simple and NO JAVA!

Now I know it’s not perfect but if you can’t use java its better then nothing! Anyways you might be able to improve on it.

CSS Code:

.MouseOvr {
background: url(“”);
.MouseOvr :link,
.MouseOvr :visited {
background: url(“”);
.MouseOvr a:hover {
background: url(“”);

.MouseOvr a:hover span {
visibility: hidden;

HTML: Add this anywhere in your page you want the link.


< h1 class=”MouseOvr”>
< a href=””&gt;
< /a>
< /h1>

Image Mouseover without java!

[Archive from my old Blog]
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Image Mouseover without java!

I used to use a website that prohibited the use of any kind of java as well as iframes. It also was very limited in terms of using css because you could not access any of the raw html files and everything input into the site passed through a filter to prevent abuse. All I wanted was to have mouseovers! well I found a way on my own after having no luck in any web help forums – yeah I was just as surprised!

When I told people I wanted to have mouseovers with no css or java script they told me it wasn’t possible, well here is the code I made that worked 🙂

<IMG SRC=”images/image_1.gif” ALT=”Text Description” WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=42 border=”0″ id=”msg”
onmouseover=”document.getElementById(‘msg’).src=’rollovers/image_2.gif'” ALT=”Text Description” WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=42 border=”0″
onmouseout=”document.getElementById(‘msg’).src=’images/image_1.gif'” ALT=”Text Description” WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=42 border=”0″>


Update: Here is a shorter method I wrote up.

<img alt=”Image” src=”focus2.jpg” onMouseOver=”src=’focus1.jpg'” onMouseOut=”src=’focus2.jpg'”>

How to Gift/Share/Transfer/Sell your Google Wave Invite!

Google wave

This is very simple and straight forward so this is going to be a rather short posting.

If you are one of the lucky few to receive a Google Wave Invite and you haven’t yet used it, you can Gift/Share the invite with someone else or maybe you want to use it with another email address, or Sell it on eBay (Not sure if that’s allowed? But don’t see why not.) Well here is how you can do just that!

It’s simple really, just Forward your Google Wave Invite Email to the recipient of your choice and walla!

Then they just need to log in and that’s it!

The only conditions are as follows:

You cannot use a mobile browser to accept the invite. And if you do not have a Google Account you will be prompted to create one.

You cannot: Share/Gift/Transfer/Sell a Google Wave Invite once it has been used.

The link only works for 1 recipient. But you can Invite others once you are signed in.