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[Release] GM9 Script – Backup/Restore Boot Animation


I wrote a quick little script to Backup/Restore the Luma3DS Boot Animation. This will be handy for those who have a Boot Animation setup (Not splash screen) and need to update their Luma installations.

You can view the full post over on the gbatemp forums:



Minecraft Launcher Repair Tool (MCL-2494_FIX)

After experiencing an issue with Minecraft Launcher 1.5  and realizing many others were having the same issues, I made this tool to help them quickly fix the problem.

I’m releasing this to the public today even though there was an update to the Launcher (1.5.1) as I’m not sure if the update addressed the issue and even if it does the tool may still come in handy for someone or myself later on as it does have other useful functions which I may build upon more in time. At the very least it’s here for archival purposes.

You can download the tool here:
[No Password! No Surveys! No Malware! No Viruses!]

Once you’ve extracted the files from the .zip package you can check the MCL-2494_FIX.exe against the hashes included (and below in this post) to verify it’s authenticity and that it hasn’t been tampered with. As long as you’re downloading the file here, there shouldn’t be a problem.


MD5: AA4EFAED7BAEF04300672217B18218F2
SHA1: CDBB74CCBD01B79E3B32CD29469B66281A4BAD1A
SHA-256: 26FF718BFC641FE94B6DCBAB2EA1BF37ACF7EBF043073A01D75152BACD1CE7F7

Check them here:

Questions? Comments? – Please contact me on Twitter only, it’s simply too hard to keep up with the spam bots on here. As such all comments on this site will be ignored. Thank you for your understanding.

– DNA64


Release: FreePlay64 for iOS

I have just released “FreePlay64” on my Temporary Repository (Link Below).

FreePlay64 is an App available from my Cydia repository that will install 31 Games into the Commodore 64 App for iOS.

These games are actually already located in the C64 Directory, this utility will extract and install each game as they were originally designed to be played, unmodified. I may decided to release a modified package with full Keyboard support in the future if there’s enough interest in such.

I will release these as individual packages soon for those of you that don’t want to install all of them.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you delete and re-install the Commodore 64 App before installing this package to avoid any conflicts or errors. Once you have re-installed C64, just tap the “FreePlay64” Icon on your springboard and once it finishes the installation it will automatically close and then you may safely remove the “FreePlay64” icon from your screen if using Cydelete, or via Cydia > Manage > Packages > FreePlay64.

I have quite a few projects going at the moment so be sure to follow me on Twitter for updates when those are released. I’m working on other emulators and apps as well.

Repository IconTemporary Repository:
Details: I’m doing some much needed updating and maintenance on my official Cydia repository, so until further notice the above repository will contain all future releases.

Please install it via Cydia.
You can click HERE if browsing on your iOS Device.

NO Jailbreak?
Download iPhone Explorer (PC & MAC):
(Thanks to JeFurry for pointing out that non-jailbroken users can install packages using the above software.)

Step 1.
Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your PC or Mac and launch iPhone Explorer (Download link posted above).

Step 2.
Select your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from the list and goto Apps > C64 >
You will see a series of files ending in .zip like this “”.
Drag and Drop all of the .zip files to a location on your PC or Mac, and extract them all.

Step 3.
Inside the extracted zip files folders you will find another .zip file.
Example: “” and a .sign file “airwolf.sign”. (You can delete the .sign file.)

Extract this .zip file and you will see two folders inside.
Example: Airwolf & Images
Copy all images in the images folder to the other folder (Airwolf in this example).

Step 4.
Now copy the other folder (Airwolf in this example) to the “games” folder in Apps > C64 >

Step 5.
Open up the C64 app and your new game will appear. Else you did something wrong or the app was running in the background (Reboot).


It’s been so long since I released a GamePack I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer so here is a “Sampler” you play with until I sort out things.


Included Games:

  1. 1942
  2. Astroblitz
  3. Aztec Challenge
  4. Barbarian
  5. Fort Apocalypse
  6. Gyruss
  7. HeMan
  8. Hero
  9. Jungle Hunt
  10. One on One
  11. Pitfall
  12. Renegade
  13. Spy Hunter
  14. Spy vs Spy
  15. Transformers
  16. Wonderboy

Basic Installation Instructions:
(Tested on version 2.1 of the Commodore 64 App for iOS)

Navigate into the following Directory
Copy the extracted folders from the downloaded zip file into the games folder at the location above on your iDevice. Open the and enjoy!

[GUID] = The Apps Unique GUID. Just browse till you find it or grab my tool from here to find it if you have a few hundred apps installed.

If they don’t show up close the and make sure to kill the running background process (or Reboot), then re-open the app.

Questions? Comments?

C64 GamePack now live on Cydia!

Special Thanks to Ajeje for creating a pkg for Cydia and getting it hosted with BeYouriPhone.

I will of course be releasing an updated pkg myself via the BigBoss Repo soon, and hopefully the GameLoader as well, which I will be working on in these next few days.

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Release: GamePack for C64 Emulator! (Build 3)

This is an Update to Build 2 of the GamePack I released earlier.

The games are the same, however I have added additional error checking.
The install script will now search for the “install” file in “/usr/bin/” if the file exists the script will continue. If it cannot find the required file, it will copy the install file included with this GamePack and the set the correct permissions before continuing with the install.
(No Wifi is required, as I opted out of using apt-get as originally planed.)

You can download the new build below:
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