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Minecraft Launcher Repair Tool (MCL-2494_FIX)

After experiencing an issue with Minecraft Launcher 1.5  and realizing many others were having the same issues, I made this tool to help them quickly fix the problem.

I’m releasing this to the public today even though there was an update to the Launcher (1.5.1) as I’m not sure if the update addressed the issue and even if it does the tool may still come in handy for someone or myself later on as it does have other useful functions which I may build upon more in time. At the very least it’s here for archival purposes.

You can download the tool here:
[No Password! No Surveys! No Malware! No Viruses!]

Once you’ve extracted the files from the .zip package you can check the MCL-2494_FIX.exe against the hashes included (and below in this post) to verify it’s authenticity and that it hasn’t been tampered with. As long as you’re downloading the file here, there shouldn’t be a problem.


MD5: AA4EFAED7BAEF04300672217B18218F2
SHA1: CDBB74CCBD01B79E3B32CD29469B66281A4BAD1A
SHA-256: 26FF718BFC641FE94B6DCBAB2EA1BF37ACF7EBF043073A01D75152BACD1CE7F7

Check them here:

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– DNA64