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How to Gift/Share/Transfer/Sell your Google Wave Invite!

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This is very simple and straight forward so this is going to be a rather short posting.

If you are one of the lucky few to receive a Google Wave Invite and you haven’t yet used it, you can Gift/Share the invite with someone else or maybe you want to use it with another email address, or Sell it on eBay (Not sure if that’s allowed? But don’t see why not.) Well here is how you can do just that!

It’s simple really, just Forward your Google Wave Invite Email to the recipient of your choice and walla!

Then they just need to log in and that’s it!

The only conditions are as follows:

You cannot use a mobile browser to accept the invite. And if you do not have a Google Account you will be prompted to create one.

You cannot: Share/Gift/Transfer/Sell a Google Wave Invite once it has been used.

The link only works for 1 recipient. But you can Invite others once you are signed in.