C64 Project

This area will be used as a central page for all How To Guides, Tips & Tricks, and Tool releases etc related to the Commodore 64 Emulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch available for purchase from the Apple App Store for only $4.99 from Manomio.

Under construction – Will post new links soon. Message me if you want the files sooner..

Check out my Cydia Repository: http://cydia.dna64.net/repo/

How To Guides:

  1. How to load custom games
  2. How to load custom games on 1.2.24 & 1.3
  3. How to run BASIC
  4. How to enable the keyboard
  5. How to disable the screen glare
  6. How to disable the frame border
  7. How to swap the joystick
  8. How to change the keyboard layout

Tips & Tricks:

  • Swapping Game Disk Images: (Got the message “Turn disk over and press space”? )

Some Commodore 64 games required multiple disks or swapping sides. If you’ve been curious to know just how to load these when prompted by the C64 Emulator then read on to learn just how simple it is.

  1. From the “My Games” menu tap Run/Play next to side 1 of the game you wish to play.
  2. When prompted to turn the disk over or insert additional disks tap the “My Games” icon in the lower left of the Emulator.
  3. From the “My Games” menu tap Run/Play next to side 2 of the game you wish to continue playing.
  4. When asked if you would like to “Resume from previous game” say YES.
  5. Press the “Spacebar” to continue loading side 2.
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions. Some game trainers require full 1541 Support which will not work with some games, thus causing an error. You may have to make a few attempts before you’ll be able to play. Some games such as Remember’s release of Alien Syndrome simply won’t let you past the 1541 Errors and will require a pre-set save state file or a patched game image to work or an image release from another group.

Download: com.manomio.C64.AlienSyndrome.zip

(Release By: Public Enemy! / Packaged for iPhone by DNA64)

  • The Basics of BASIC

Press ‘F1’ to perform a BASIC list.
Press ‘F3’ to RUN a loaded program.
Press ‘F5’ to print “LOAD “. Just add a “*” and hit return and most programs will load.
Press ‘F7’ to perform a (LOAD “$”,8), then type LIST (F1) to display disk contents.

Tool Releases:

  1. Game Loader – Load Swap Games without SSH
  2. Tweak64 – Enable Advanced Settings
  3. C64Patch – Creates an Install path for Games in my Cydia Repo. (Download via Cydia)

Known Bugs:

  1. Games disappearing from the game shelf
  2. Game loads another game

Custom GamePacks: (Update: Download via Cydia)

  1. GamePack for C64 Emulator! (Build 2)

Custom Image Packs/Themes:Exclusive Leaked App Images:


4 thoughts on “C64 Project

  1. Sciencematthew

    Please continue this project I am jailbroken and have the latest version of c64 and it wont even open please help. Also would GEOS work?


  2. DNA Post author

    I recall trying GEOS back when I started working on the project, but I can’t recall my success.
    I’ll look back into it. 🙂

    – DNA



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