This Blog is my portal to the online world where I share my thoughts, tips, tricks, exciting news articles I find interesting, as well as lots of random stuff. I’ve also started to provide support here for my clients now, so you’ll be seeing more support stuff added to the site.

Though I have many hobbies, most are centered around Technology.
I enjoy adding my own improvements to things, sometimes on a hardware level, and sometimes software or firmware etc. Even visual modifications in some cases. Finding alternate uses for things or running software or firmware on devices other then what they were intended for.

Past projects have included building a 20 node XBOX Linux cluster, Portable Sega & NES, and various Play TV Systems among several other things.

I also enjoy programming for various platforms including but not limited to Computers, XBOX & iOS.

In the past you could find me all over IRC but not so much anymore, too much drama 😛

[Update: Looks like the images didn’t make it over in the backup for some reason, I still have them somewhere and will post them back soon]

Do you recognize these rooms… 😉
IRC Chat Screen Capture
IRC Chat Screen Capture

Random IRC Screen Captures:
IRC Chat Screen Capture
IRC Chat Screen Capture

(More details soon.)