Pokémon Go

So for the last few weeks I’ve been rather busy and getting more exercise than usual and it’s all thanks to Pokémon Go!

Not only am I a fan of this game for obvious reasons; like the exercise and social interactions that come with it, but I also have a deep interest in the game because of the large community around the game helping document the API functions.

I’m working on a few projects based on this game, and plan on making contributions to other projects as well. I’ve already donated some beer money to at least one project, and hope to soon be able to contribute some code and bug fixes to a few others.

And now a short Rant…

Of course if Niantic had anyone working for them that knew jack shit about what the community wants then most of these 3rd party applications wouldn’t even be needed.

They talk about fairness and getting out in the real world, and I can’t help but wonder if any of them even play this god dam game. In one city there’s 130+ Pokémon in a single park. Meanwhile entire cities elsewhere have 3 f***ing Pokémon. And they wonder why people want maps and the 3-step bug fixed. Players have PokéStops and Gyms accessible from the comfort of their homes, while others don’t even have any! So I don’t blame people for GPS Spoofing. The game is extremely unbalanced and unfair period.