Pachislo Skill Slot Modding

Something I’ve been meaning to post about is my latest hobby, Pachislo skill slot machines.

They’re very similar to slot machines you would find in a Casino and the machines vary by theme and design much like Casino slots do, however these Japanese units operate a little differently. Pachislo machines require you to use your skills to stop each wheel using 1 of 3 buttons on the machine. The wheels will stop after about 60 seconds on there own.

After acquiring my first machine I immediately opened it up and began examining the components. It was a very familiar sight having had a great deal of experience not only with Arcade Machines and Computers, but with Electronics in general.

I quickly started thinking of ways I could modify the machine to improve it. Here’s a list of some of the ideas I had for modifications.

  • Volume Control
  • Accept a broader range of Tokens/Coins
  • Free Play/Credit Button
  • Auto Spin on Max Bet
  • Auto Stop each of the wheels at random
  • Adding a One Arm Bandit on the side
  • Moving the transformer away from the coin overflow exit

Now as it turns out, I’m not the first to think of these things, I think most all of these are fairly simple elements, that anyone playing the machine would realize were missing or desired.

I also thought of incorporating one of my Raspberry Pi’s or Pine64+ or even a C.H.I.P to handle some stats and the spinning of the reels. And outputting some of this data to the Pachislo’s own LCD display on demand.

I’m in the process of acquiring 5 more machines.

More Pachislo related posts and photos to follow soon!