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Getting with domain names

If you’re having troubles thinking up a domain name or simply can’t find one available you like, try getting a little more creative with the domain name on

Here are some examples I’ve created:


XCODE – Installing Developer Tools {How To}

If you’re attempting to install fink and getting this error when running the Bootstrap or if you simply wonder how you can install the Developer Tools, this post is for you.

“ERROR: There is no C compiler on your system. Make sure that the Developer Tools are installed.”

Short and Sweet

STEP 1.) Launch Xcode and from the top menu bar, select “Xcode” then “Preferences“.

STEP 2.) Select the “Downloads” icon and then highlight “Command Line Tools” and click the install button to the right. Wait for the download to finish.

STEP 3.) All Done! – Run the bootstrap again if your installing fink and received an error.



– DNA64

Jetpack Joyride – Walking Dead Edition (Mod)

Jetpack Joyride – Walking Dead Edition (Mod)
 – YouTube Link (New Window)


– In this modification of Jetpack Joyride I have replaced the default texture files of the Scientists with the textures of the Zombie. This simple mod can be done on both non-jailbroken and jailbroken iOS devices. You can view an example via the YouTube Video I’ve posted above.

I will release my new Cydia Repository Source soon for those of you that are Jailbroken and would rather install the tweak via Cydia. The repo will contain this and many other tweaks. If you’re not Jailbroken or if you simply prefer, you can follow my guide below to perform the Walking Dead Mod.

Jetpack Joyride – Walking Dead Edition (Mod) – HOW TO

STEP 1.)

Download and Install the free program iFunBox (Win/Mac) –

STEP 2.)

Connect your iOS device to your computer using the USB Data/Sync Cable and launch iFunBox.

STEP 3.)

In the menu on the left side of the iFunBox Application you should see your iOS device listed (if not check your cable).

Expand the option labelled “User Applications”, and find “Jetpack” in the list on the left or locate and double click on the games icon on the right side.

STEP 4.)

Navigate to “/Library/Caches/cache14030/upscaled_textures/Characters/”

Open the folder labelled “Library” and then “Caches”. You should see a folder called “cache14030” (or “cachexxxxx” where xxxxx is a random number based on the version?) open the folder and then open “upscaled_textures” followed by “textures” then “Characters” (Capital “C”).

STEP 5.)

Now we’re going to backup some textures before we go any further. You can skip this step if you like and move onto STEP 6, but you may end up breaking something and having to re-install, which might mean loosing your game save.

Create a folder on your desktop named “JPJBACKUP” or whatever you would like to call it, and drag and drop the folders “Barry” and “workers” from your iOS device to the folder you just created. Now that we have a backup let’s move onto STEP 6.

STEP 6.)

Open the folder labelled “Barry” on your iOS device (Not the backup folder you just created) and locate the files named “zombieHead.tex” and “zombieBody.tex” (Alternatively you can use any Head and Body combo you like to create your own funky mod, perhaps Super Saiyans or Super Saiyan Zombies!?).

Drag & Drop these onto your desktop and rename them to the following…

You’ll have to make 2 copies for the head, and 4 for the body (DO NOT EDIT THE “worker1BodyXRay.tex” FILE!)

  • worker1Body.tex
  • worker1Head.tex
  • worker2Body.tex
  • worker2Head.tex
  • workerFatBody.tex
  • workerTallBody.tex

Or DOWNLOAD this pre-made .zip file (Instructions Included)

STEP 7.)
Now go back one level by clicking the UP Arrow in the top menu labelled “Go Up Level”.

Open the folder labelled “workers” and Drag & Drop the tex files you just created into the folder, replacing any files if asked.

That’s all there is too it! Now make sure the app isn’t running in the background or simply restart your device to ensure the settings take effect. The next time you launch Jetpack Joyride you’ll have a bunch of Zombies to kill 😀



News for March 2013

Here is a long overdue update on what I’m working on and whats new.

1. This site will be getting a new look (hopefully soon), and as such I have registered a new domain

2. I’ve setup an official YouTube Channel! (Finally!), unfortunately someone took my username just before I could secure it, so here is my channel under it’s official name…

3. I’ve been working hard on hacking Clash of Clans and have had great success all of which will be revealed when I have exploited the hell of it ;P

4. I’ve updated Blizzard, a downloadable tutorial/zip package I wrote to help users with no Wi-Fi on their iPhone 3G/3Gs unlock using Ultrasn0w. Official Post: (I’ll move this eventually..)

5. I’ve been requested by several users to update the C64 GamePacks, I am working on this, sorry for the delay!

6. Someone asked me to update my “Lemon Aid” script, I will see what I can do.

7. I have lot’s of projects in the works involving a few Raspberry Pi’s, more on that in the near future.

8. I purchased a Nintendo VS. Unisystem Cabinet long ago and haven’t found time to work on it, sad really because I had great plans for it.

9. I’m modding two iCade’s, they’ve been sitting around for months unfinished so hopefully I can get around to those soon and show them off.

10. I picked up a SNES Top Fighter Arcade stick and have a few ideas for it, I’ll probably replace the switches, and have already done the buttons which I swapped out into an iCade. Maybe I’ll make it work with iOS or perhaps stick a Raspberry Pi inside 😉

11. I picked up a Teddy Ruxpin and will be repairing his head which is not working. I may or may not make him remote/blutooth controlled.

That’s pretty much all I care to share for now. Stay tuned to Twitter and Subscribe to my YouTube for the latest updates.