Monthly Archives: July 2012

Interesting Samsung Code

I do allot of Cellular unlocking and recently mistyped a code that brought up a rather interesting menu.

Just as you dial a phone number, Dial “*#745#” (Without the quotation marks :P).
This will bring up a “Sec_Ril_Dump” Menu with the following options (These may change depending on the model of the device):

    Ejecutar Ril Log
    View RIL Log
    Clear RIL Log
    Device Storage Information
    Save IPC Log
    Save IPC Bin
    Copy to sdcard
    Start RIL log
    Generate random wifi mac address
    MMS Provisioning

I have yet to play around with any of these settings, if you decide to do so (AT YOUR OWN RISK) please post your results below 🙂

– Enjoy!