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Diablo 3 & Why it sucks!

This is an ever expanding list of everything I have an issue with in Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo 3.


(Based on personal in game experiences)


1. You cannot play the game without a constant internet connection (There is no Single Player Option).

The Auction House

1. You cannot search by price or by time ending soonest. Example: eBay.
2. You cannot offer items for items or gold for items. Example: Message the seller with an offer, or post Wanted ads.
3. Searching for items in the auction house is a major headache.
4. There is no option to compare items against each other or even to your own gear.
5. You cannot see the price of item once it sold unless you sold it.
6. You cannot see an item you sold once it’s sold, only the name of the item. So it makes it hard to remember what it was to track values.
7. People are asking ridiculous prices for items because nobody know what anything is worth ($50,000,000-$999,999,999).
8. Recommended Items do not have a DPS column.
9. Weapons are sorted to the top of the list based on the one with the most DPS, but it’s bugged and doesn’t always work.

In Town

1. Don’t be fooled, running back to town won’t save you, monsters can enter some towns. You may find you have to leave the game if a difficult boss follows you into town. Example: New Tristram. (This can however be a benefit as you have the towns people help you fight off enemies.)
2. Your merchants may vanish and leave you confused until you speak to someone in town.


1. You can’t tell if your missing any.


1. There are no Jewel’s in Diablo 3
2. There are also no Charms in Diablo 3 (Followers have can have tokens which in a way are like charms, but only followers may use them, and only the one the token is intended for).
3. Unique and Set Items are not all made equal, instead they get so many fixed and so many random attributes and the number of attributes applied varies.
4. The Drop Rate SUCKS! (I think MF% is glitched or something..)


1. There is no Horaldic Cube in Diablo 3.
2. You cannot re-roll items
3. You can’t make 3 rings into 1 amulet or 3 amulets into 1 ring.
4. It costs money, lots of money to craft your stuff. You need to pay to earn recipes and upgrade to obtain more. As well as pay for the actual crafting job.
5. You cannot add a socket to a non-socketed item (Possibly coming in the Expansion…see the Blacksmith?).

The Stash Box


1. You start off with a tiny stash box, it costs $10,000 to get extra slots, You need to spend about $40,000 to be able to use the full stash box. Tabs (like extra stash boxes) are $100,000 each!!!, there are 3 available, the 3rd cost’s $200,000!


1. When you beat a boss and everyone leaves you have about 10-20 seconds to pickup drops because you’ll be kicked from the game..LAME!
2. Sometimes drops fall but you cannot see them because the names stack improperly covering other items but (We need ALT!). I lost out on Diablo Drops 😦
3. When playing in multi-player games you cannot use your follower (merc) unless there is nobody else in the game.
4. You cannot compare gear from merchants to your followers like you can your own, this means you have to equip their gear (if you even can) to get a comparison of the specs / improvements etc.
5. The game is too short, bosses are too easy (except for Inferno which at about Act 2 becomes impossible).
6. When you dye an item it doesn’t always fully apply, and you sometimes can’t tell/remember if you did, and there is no way to really tell for sure what has been dyed. It would be nice to have some way to tell, wasted so much gold >.

If this ever becomes a “PAY TO PLAY” game as rumors are suggesting it will, I’ll quit and play Torch Light 2 😛


Issues with Redsn0w 0.9.12b2

I’ve had some ISP issues so I haven’t been on IRC to discus any of this with the iPhone Dev-Team or anyone else for that mater, however I did tweet a brief message to @MuscleNerd on June 10th about the issue and will tweet him a link to this post so the issue can hopefully be resolved.

The issue is with the latest build of Redsn0w which at the time of this posting is 0.9.12b2 (Unless you’re counting Redsn0w 0.9.13dev2 :P). Now I haven’t checked how far back in the builds this issue exists but I believe it started with redsn0w 0.9.12b1.

When you Jailbreak a device such as a 3GS on iOS 5.1.1 and you want to flash/re-flash the iPad Baseband 06.15.00, you have to click Jailbreak, even though you don’t want to Jailbreak just flash the iPad BB. And Redsn0w will error (See IMG #1) telling you “Already Jailbroken This iPhone 3GS is already jailbroken with rocky racoon”. Now if you load Redsn0w really fast and quickly hit Jailbreak, it will actually Jailbreak the device again (See IMG #2 below), but it still won’t allow you to flash the iPad BB.

IMG #1
Redsn0w 0.9.12b2 Screenshot of error message

IMG #2
Redsn0w 0.9.12.b2 ScreenShot

Suggested Solution:
Include an option to Flash/Re-flash the iPad Baseband under Extras > Even More >, or just ignore the jailbreak and allow users to install the iPad Baseband like in previous builds.

(P.S. Selecting to install both Cydia and the iPad Baseband simultaneously almost always results in Redsn0w closing or locking up. I’ve found they need to done 1 at a time, and now I’m starting to think the iPad BB needs to be 1st, Cydia 2nd, (although I’ve always done it Cydia 1st, iPad BB 2nd). But even then you’d have to put a jailbroken device back to factory defaults to bypass the Redsn0w error…)