What is an Apple Clone?

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Friday, December 19, 2008

What is an Apple Clone?

Good Question.
And it’s tough to answer this one easily since it can fire up allot of debates from both sides of the fence.

“An Apple Clone would be a computer that was not manufactured by Apple, but designed to run Apples OS.”

However, Apple Computers based on Intel Processors are almost entirely assembled using PC parts.

Do you remember the “Buck a Day” Commercial? “Why buy a clone when you can buy an IBM?”

What is an IBM, and what defines it as an IBM vs a clone?

It’s simple.
It’s defined as an IBM by the style and branding of the case, and perhipials like the keyboard and mouse.
IBM even had their own OS back in the day called IBM OS/2.

But what is an IBM really made from?
Aside from the case and perhipials the Internal components are actually nothing more the specifically selected
PC hardware. This was done to make supporting the system easier and ensure quality and compatibility between
the OS and the components.

What is a Clone?
A clone is nothing more then a computer that was not assembled by a major corporation like Seanix, IBM/Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer etc..
Clones are built using the hardware you choose, and can be assembled by the end user using Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) or Retail parts.

I can’t tell you how much I hated that buck a day commercial for making clones sound bad, when there in fact often much better. Nowadays companies like Dell and HP are releasing high end systems using parts that have always been available in
clones. Most manufactures have stopped making custom mainboards in favor of using the less expensive standard motherboards that have always been found in clones.

So this brings me to the Big Question and the one you have all been wondering and asking yourself, Did he forget about it?

What is an Apple Computer?

Well I did say this was a tricky one…

If it has a Intel Processor, it’s a PC. It uses PC RAM (FB-DIMM) Intel Processors, PC Optical Drives, PC Hard Drives, PC Video Cards, etc etc etc..
If it’s a G5, G4, G3 etc then it is an Apple computer because it uses custom mainboards and CPU’s not found in PC’s.

Apple Computers are really just like any other Major group like Dell, HP, Acer, Lenvo etc..
The only difference is there individual style, branding. And of course Apple still uses their Apple OS on their systems.

I hope I have got my views and points across clearly. I’m sure someone will try to argue something.

Lets just do a quick rundown….

Apple uses PC hardware.
Apple has a unique design like any major system assembler has. (Dell, HP, Lenovo etc..)
Apple allows Windows XP to be run on a Mac and created BootCamp for its computers but does not allow it’s OS to be used on other non-Apple systems.


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