Ralink 2760 Drivers for OSX

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ralink 2760 Drivers for OSX

I purchased a GXT Digital Pro Wireless N network card from FutureShop for $24.97 (Reg $29.99).
It uses the Ralink Chipsets 2760 + 2720.

I checked the chip on the card and mine is a 2760T.

After looking around I couldn’t find any drivers for this series so I just grabbed the 28xx series mac drivers from Ralinks website.

PCI/mPCI/CB (RT2860)
Drivers Released: 12/04/2008
Chipset: RT28xx:
OSX Support: 10.3/10.4/10.5
Download Drivers

I installed them and rebooted, a configuration tool appeared and I was able to configure and successfully use the WiFi.
The only thing I noticed was quite a few CRC errors, but so far nothing seems to be affected.

I think it’s best to purchase a card that uses the Broadcom chipset, they seem to work allot better.

Also the card does not show up as an AirPort and is listed under network as en1.


Type: Ethernet
Hardware: Ethernet
BSD Device Name: en1
Configuration Method: DHCP
Configuration Method: Automatic
Exceptions List: *.local, ***.***.***.**
FTP Passive Mode: Yes
MAC Address: 00:**:**:**:**:**
Media Options:
Media Subtype: Auto Select

More Info:
Model#: VGR12PCI
Part#: GXT-11N-PCI


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