My 1st iPhone Application!

[Archive from my old blog]
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My 1st iPhone Application!

This is an archive of the 1st iPhone Application I created.
It will only work on Early 1.1.x Firmwares.

vTap™ for iPhone

” About vTap
vTap ™ is a quick and easy web video service that
lets you search, browse and pinpoint the exact web
video you’re looking for—from sources all over the
Internet—and play it on the iPhone and iPod touch. ”
Read More…

You can watch Videos from sites like Google Videos,
YouTube, MetaCafe & + more!

It has better features then the YouTube player
that comes on the iPhone. It’s the YouTube Killer!

I use it so much I wanted it on my SpringBoard
And using Erica’s Openurl I made it into a .app
and created the perfect icon for it in Photoshop.

Download 37.9KB (*.zip) v0.2

Veveo and vTap are trademarks of Veveo, Inc. ©2007


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