iPhone 3G 02.30.03 Baseband Downgrade [How To]

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

iPhone 3G 02.30.03 Baseband Downgrade [How To]

After testing phasebanddowngrader by pH and not having any success I decided to skip using his script and start fresh using the GeoHotz method, the end results were success! I have therefore decided to write my own script, as I felt pH left out some important features from his. I also tried “DownBB” with no success, and felt that there was not enough documentation for any of these tools.

The posts in the comments by users that tried and failed seemed to support my theory.

I will have a much more detailed guide for those that wish to downgrade.

Please keep in mind this is only for iPhone 3G’s running the 2.2.1 (5H11) Firmware with the 02.30.03 BaseBand, and the 5.08 (5.8) Boot Loader. Don’t worry, I will go over how you can find all this out.

3G Downgrade Pro is quite simple, and I plan to continue working on improving it further. I’m currently working on a GUI version, but this release has already been delayed for over 2 weeks as it is, so I’m releasing this version first.
I have tested this software thoroughly to ensure a smooth release but I somehow expect some users may encounter issues, if this is the case, please report the errors or any questions/difficulties you are having to me.

(My Downgrader Shown)

It seems w1kedz and DHowett have worked together and created a GUI BaseBand Downgrader, and it will be released today via CYDIA in BigBoss’s repo (I assume)

Congrats to the both of them!
If it works fine and I don’t see any issues, I won’t release mine. However if I do find some issues, I may at that point release my downgrader.


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