How to create iOS SMS Tones for FREE using iTunes

How to create iOS SMS Tones for FREE using iTunes:

Guide by DNA64.

Unlike Ringtones, SMS Tones use the extension “.caf”.
The “.caf” extension is used in iOS devices for UISounds and is simply an “.aif” encoded audio file with a alternate extension. UISounds are the sounds you here in the User Interface, such as the lock and unlock sounds, typing on the keypad, and the camera shutter sound.

Converting your audio files from other formats is simple, and can be done freely using iTunes.

First we will need to change a setting in iTunes.

Step 1 – Setup

Launch iTunes and when loaded select “iTunes” from the top menu bar.
Under the “iTunes” menu item, you will see “Preferences” select it and a new pop-up window will open titled “General”. At the lower portion of the window is a button that says “Import Settings”, click it and a new pop-up window will open titled “Import Settings”. Change “Import Using” from it’s default setting (AAC Encoder?) to “AIFF Encoder” and click OK. Now click OK one more time on the “General” window.

Step 2 – Conversion

Select a song from your iTunes music library and right click it.
Select “Create AIFF Version”.
A new file will be created, if your not sure which one is new, right click it and click Get Info, the “Kind” should read “Kind: AIFF audio file”.

Step 3 – Renaming
Close this window (Cancel) and drag the new “.aiff” file you just created to your Desktop, then rename the extension of the file from “.aif” (or .aiff) to .caf.

Now you can use iPhoneExplorer or SSH to transfer the file to the UISound Directory on your iOS device as follows: “/System/Library/Audio/UISounds”.

If you’ve downloaded a ringtone you want to use as an SMS Tone, just navigate into “/Library/Ringtones/”, locate the file and copy it to your desktop.
Rename the file from .m4r to .m4a drag it into iTunes and start from Step 2 listed above.

Questions? Comments?
Post your thoughts and upon moderation they will appear here where I will then
do my best to assist you.

– DNA64


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