It’s been so long since I released a GamePack I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer so here is a “Sampler” you play with until I sort out things.


Included Games:

  1. 1942
  2. Astroblitz
  3. Aztec Challenge
  4. Barbarian
  5. Fort Apocalypse
  6. Gyruss
  7. HeMan
  8. Hero
  9. Jungle Hunt
  10. One on One
  11. Pitfall
  12. Renegade
  13. Spy Hunter
  14. Spy vs Spy
  15. Transformers
  16. Wonderboy

Basic Installation Instructions:
(Tested on version 2.1 of the Commodore 64 App for iOS)

Navigate into the following Directory
Copy the extracted folders from the downloaded zip file into the games folder at the location above on your iDevice. Open the C64.app and enjoy!

[GUID] = The Apps Unique GUID. Just browse till you find it or grab my tool from here to find it if you have a few hundred apps installed.

If they don’t show up close the C64.app and make sure to kill the running background process (or Reboot), then re-open the app.

Questions? Comments?


15 thoughts on “C64-v2.1_GAMEPACK-SAMPLER_iOS_[DNA64]

  1. JeFurry

    Link now added – I’ve downloaded the file and will try to install via filesystem access on an unjailbroken device, and report back.


  2. JeFurry

    I can confirm that using the free iPhone Explorer software from http://www.macroplant.com/iphoneexplorer , it’s possible to copy these games into the C64.app’s Documents folder, and they work fine.

    The ‘details’ links don’t work – they show instead the details page of the last Manomio-supplied game you looked at, or an error message. But that’s beside the point.

    Minor issue: Aztec Challenge requires the space bar to get past the intro screen, but the keyboard’s disabled.

    Well done, DNA!


  3. JeFurry

    Note: I haven’t yet tried syncing with iTunes after installing this way – it’s possible that could be an issue. But since the games go in the app’s Documents folder, I doubt it.


  4. JeFurry

    I’ve now synced with iTunes after installing some of the games on a completely un-jailbroken iPhone 4. It synced perfectly, and as far as I can tell, the games were backed up just like any other app’s documents. I didn’t remove and restore, due to time constraints.

    Back in the days when the first C64.app hacks were around, a hacked version couldn’t be backed up to iTunes (it reported various errors), but today’s method seems to work fine.


  5. Matthew

    Can you Add GEOs To the latest version? I have tried but faild, I can email you my progress
    thank you for all your good work!!!


  6. DNA Post author

    1st off sorry about the late reply, once again I had to sort through thousands of spam comments -_-“)..


    I have run GEOs myself, but I can’t recall the process at the moment.
    I’ll see about posting that.


    The pack is available on Cydia though I still need to update it.
    I’ll fix the link asap for those of you that would prefer to download it here.


  7. DNA Post author

    I wasn’t happy with the answer I gave you earlier so I did some more poking around.
    It turns out it wasn’t GEOS that I used before it was another system, and in fact the problem with GEOS not booting isn’t due to any of the roms (all tested and working) or even the iPhone, but due to Frodo, which the C64 App is based on. So you would need to fix the bug at the source level if you wanted GEOS working.


  8. DNA Post author

    It seems GEOS64 runs under Frodo, but you have to change the normal cycles (63, 23, 63, 64) to 65, 23, 63, 64 or 65, 25, 63, 64. I’m looking into it. (I hate giving up and enjoy challenges :P)

    Update: frodo.fpr apparently is the key, not sure if this is a part of the C64.app by Manomio…



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