C64 GamePack for Version 2.1 Delayed

This is just a small update to do with the updated C64 GamePack release I’m working on for 2.1.

The delay in releasing a GamePack is due to some changes in the app and the way it handles loading the “.D64” images. Previously I mentioned you could just clear the old “.state” file reference from the GameInfo.plist, but that no longer works, and providing a false “.state” file and selecting no to “Resume previous game?” still results in the error. Even removing the “InitialState” reference from the “GameInfo.plist” has no effect.

So rather then delaying a release any further I’ll be excluding any “.D64” games from the releases until I can sort out the issue with the “.state” files. Don’t worry I have ideas, it will just take some time.

The first release will be in the form of a simple download link, you’ll have to ssh the files or use a iPhone file system browser to transfer the files to the games folder in the C64.app directory. Cydia package to follow at a later date.


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