Atari Flashback 2

I picked up an Atari Flashback 2 today at a Thrift Shop for $24.99 Complete and in perfect shape. It’s like new!

I used to own the Flashback as well but sold it to a friend who really wasn’t going to take no for an answer so I was really happy to have found the FB2.

It also has more games and looks more like a 2600 which has made it quite a collectable. You can find them on eBay for roughly $60 Shipped.

Anyways to the point..
Like any other PnP TV game, I’m going to mod it 🙂
Pictures and Videos to follow.


2 thoughts on “Atari Flashback 2

  1. DNA Post author

    Update: February 14th 2011

    Just a small update, I ordered some Atari parts from (They really need to update that site and their order/payment system (or lack there of)) for the mod, and they arrived a few days ago. I’m still working out the design (Dam perfectionism >.<), so in the mean time I'll be working on another project I'm eager to complete. Pictures and details will be posted shortly. Seriously 😛


  2. DNA Post author

    Ok, so I lied, it wouldn’t be shortly…I blame my ADD 😛

    The good news is I did start on it, and I have pictures! ok well I have a picture for now, because I can’t find the other ones I took so I’ll need to take new ones.

    This is a picture of the Cartridge Connector all wired up and ready to be installed 🙂



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