Update on Cydia Repo Status

I’m sure by now most of you are wondering what happened and where the Cydia Repo is…
Well I encountered an unexpected issue and have been unable to find any help or documentation on the issue related to Cydia. Messages to Saurik have been unsuccessful, and I don’t blame him, he’s quite a busy guy.

(The biggest issue is having Cydia install a file to a known sub-directory of an unknown parent directory.)

However I obviously want to get this repo out quickly so I have created a work around which you can download from my repo in Cydia.

The work around is a patch that will only need to be installed once (unless you restore your device of course.).
Once the patch is applied using MobileTerminal or SSH any games you download from my repo will appear in the C64 Emulator for iPhone and iPod Touch.

A complete guide will be posted soon along with the address of the Cydia Repository for the patch and the C64GamePacks.

This patch is hopefully only temporary while I search for another way around the issue.
This project has inspired me to create something very special for the iPhone, and I hope to be able to share more details on that soon.



6 thoughts on “Update on Cydia Repo Status

  1. JFur

    V1.4 of the emulator has now been approved and is in the App Store (at least in the UK, others probably now or soon). I won’t install it until someone can confirm that your repo’s game packs still work in 1.4…


  2. Claus

    Does anybody have the version of the Bruce Lee game which used to be freely available for the emulator?
    I am afraid I lost my version during the update to 1.4.



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