Cydia Repository Going Live!

All the testing is done, I was distracted along the way with a few other projects but plan on focusing on getting all the game images up for the C64 Emulator. I’ll post the link for the repo as soon as I update it with a few packages.

I will worry about the graphical looks of the repo later, as well as a final name.



9 thoughts on “Cydia Repository Going Live!

  1. Mackie

    Nice! What games will this game pack include? The ones on the master list?

    Another question: have you noticed that the sound (SID emulation) was better in v.1.0 compared to the recent versions? There is a big difference (for the worse) in Little Computer People for instance. It’s kind of distorted and sounds quite crappy.


  2. DNA Post author


    That GamePack was just for testing, as far as I’m concerned GamePacks have become obsolete now with the new version. Except for maybe a GamePack containing all of the games on the “Approved” Master List.

    You will be able to pick and choose from hundreds of individual games in my Repo, so you only download the ones you want, and you can uninstall them individually vs an entire GamePack.

    Regarding the SID Emulation, I haven’t noticed it because I have little time to actually play the games. Have you mentioned this to Manomio? There about to submit the next version to Apple.

    – DNA


  3. DNA Post author

    So I’ve been thinking about how I would like the repo structured and was thinking of something like this.

    C64 Action Games
    C64 Adventure Games
    C64 Fighting Games
    C64 Sports Games

    (Too bad Cydia doesn’t support sub folders…)

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Thanks in Advance.

    – DNA


  4. Daniel

    It’s difficult to find categories, at least to say how differentiated they should be… E.g. Action Games could have a sub-category called “Shoot’em Up”, which again are divided into “space shooter” vs. non-space-shooter, and then again into vertically vs. horizontally shooters. 😉

    Jump’n’Run is of course another (important?) category. Racing-Games might be a sub-category of sporrs-games. Adventures could be distinguished between text- and graphical adventures… and so on. According to the amount and variety of C64 games, you could imagine a lot of categories – if you like and find the time. 😉


  5. Bighurt

    What about mimicking how the Gamebase front end categories are? I can’t remember exactly how they are categorized, I have to reinstall it and look.


  6. DNA Post author

    You raise some valid points I hadn’t considered.
    If only Cydia supported sub categories it might be feasible.

    Again, I think there are just too many categories to make this feasible.

    I haven’t poked around too much yet, but I was thinking about creating a GameShelf much like the one already included for In App Purchases.

    It shouldn’t be too hard to modify the url for the free app section, or even the more useless “MORE >” tab.

    Well, for now I think I will just keep the categories simple (As shown below), and maybe pass along a message to Saurik asking about category support in Cydia for the Repos.


    C64 Games
    C64 Tweaks
    C64 Patches

    Cheers Guys!

    – DNA


  7. DNA Post author



    Sorry it’s taking so long to get the repo up, one thing after another has kept me away from the putter 😦

    I just made some final adjustments to some games and now I’m packaging everything up so hopefully I’ll have it up before morning. 🙂



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