C64.app Error Messages

Sometimes when I’m tinkering with the C64.app for iPhone and iPod Touch I end up triggering error messages.
I started taking screenshots and thought I’d post them here for everyone to see.



I’ll post up more if I get any šŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “C64.app Error Messages

  1. DNA Post author


    Press the Sleep/Power Button at the top right of the iPhone in conjunction with the Wake/Home Button located in the lower mid section of the iPhone.

    You will see the screen flash white and hear a snapshot if you have your sound enabled.

    The screenshot will be saved in your iPhone photo library.

    – DNA


  2. Sgt. Morris

    Thx so much for your hard work DNA. šŸ™‚

    I am a big C64 rpg fan. But alas, games like Pool of Radiance or Legacy of the Ancients are unplayable because they require the emulator to write/save to a character disk. I’ve tried lots of tricks to make this work but i cant seem to get it going.

    Is this simply a no go? Or is there a trick to make this work?

    Any help is appreciated. šŸ™‚


  3. Sgt. Britney Morris

    Thx so much. The save option works fine. It’s an ingame issue. After you create a character in Pool of Radiance the game wants you to insert a character save disk so that the game (not the emulator) can write to the disk so that the game can continue. I used the Dave disk and character disk that comes with the rom but alas the emulator won’t allow me to write to this disk image (or format it) so that the game can proceed. I would imagine that this defiency of the emulator will hobble alot of diehard C64 rpg fans since so many of these games use SAV disks or character disks to store info so that saved games could be played (back in the day at least). Sigh… so close yet so far.lol Anything I can do to help (a donation perhaps šŸ˜‰ ) I have this bad feeling that the emulator will have to be patched in some way to make this possible. But if this emulator could write to disk (the d64 kind) then this will become one helluva powerful app!

    Again, I can get the game to run. I can swap disks succesfully. I can even create a character. BUT when the game requires me to save/write to a character/save disk then I am screwed since the emulator won’t let me write/swap to the disk that comes with rom. Hence the game can’t proceed.

    As always thx for your hard work!



  4. DNA Post author

    @Sgt. Britney Morris

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll see what I can do.
    Sounds like all thats needed is a custom patched rom.
    Then again it might be something as simple as file permissions?

    I’ll have a look tonight if I can, lots to do >.<

    – DNA


  5. Sgt. Britney Morris

    Thx sweetie. If you could please patch this or fix this in some way then I would be forever grateful to you. It’s my fav game in the whole world. Thx again for all your hard work šŸ˜‰



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