How To: Load custom games on v1.2.24

Platform: iPhone & iPod Touch
OS: 3.1.2
App: v1.2.24

How To Guide created by: DNA (aka DNA64)
Contact: dna [at] myhostclub [dot] com

Advanced users can skip to the bottom of the page if they like for a quick “Get to it!” guide.
If you have problems try following the detailed guide right below.

Questions & Comments are welcomed, and there is no need to sign up.

How to: Load Custom Games on C64 v1.2.24 Build 1

This guide is going to assume you already have some basic knowledge.

– Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch
– Guides can be found on
– Download the Jailbreak & Unlock software free at

– OpenSSH (Install via Cydia)

– SSH/SFTP Client
– Mac: Cyber Duck, FileZilla, ForkLift (My Personal Favorite)
– PC: WinSCP, FileZilla

SSH into the following Directory “/private/var/mobile/Applications/*/Documents/games/”

* = The Apps GUID. Just browse till you find it ( works great for this) or grab my tool from here to find it if you have a few hundred apps installed.

Copy the folders containing the games you want to install into the “/private/var/mobile/Applications/*/Documents/games/” directory, there’s no need to change the name, but make sure its not compressed. It should end with .D64, or .t64

Create a backup of “gameinfo.plist” in case any editing goes bad.

Edit “gameinfo.plist” following the details below.

Just remove the keyboard entry from the gameInfo.plist

If you want to add your own box art and author information you can do so by placing the images name and details into the Green area.



Here is a look at the Original Un-Modified gameinfo.plist for DragonsDen.



Get to it!

The advanced How To Guide!

SSH into the C64 dir and copy the game folders to “/private/var/mobile/Applications/GUID/Documents/games/”. Add your own box art image if you like. Edit the gameInfo.plist file to get the Keyboard back by removing the Keyboard data from the plist. (Yes this will add the keyboard.)

It’s that easy!

Remember, Questions & Comments are welcomed, and there is no need to sign up.

Sorry for any errors it’s about 6am and I haven’t slept yet.


30 thoughts on “How To: Load custom games on v1.2.24

  1. Mackie

    Cool stuff and GREAT news! I haven’t had time to try v1.2.24 yet but this seems to be the same way of adding custom games as with v1.0.(45)!(?). Is the keyboard missing in v1.2.24 and can it be added with your previous (v.1.1.11) hack?

    I can’t stress this enough to all you C64-loving people: please BUY the app in the App Store (it’s CHEAP) instead of getting a “cracked” version to support the developers . It’s probably also a good idea to pay a buck or two for your favorite game if it appears in the “in app purchase game store” to support future development. It’s well worth the few bucks to turn your iPhone into a C64 gaming machine. Enough said! 🙂


  2. Mackie

    Concerning (the lack of) access to BASIC, what about this solution: assume that you get a D64 with a single PRG (program file) which has just one function: reset the C64. This in combination with a hack adding the keyboard (if needed in v1.2.24?) should result in access to BASIC. Or is there an easier way?


  3. Mackie

    I have now been messing around a bit with v1.2.22 and so far I have been able to:

    * Remove the glare (replace/remove the proper images like with earlier versions)
    * Replace key images and add colon and semicolon on keyboard (like before)
    * Replace the “COMMODORE 64 EXPERIENCE” text with the proper text (hexedit the file “C64”)
    * Access to BASIC using my D64 mentioned above (with the keyboard hack)
    Download updated version here: (includes keyboard hack and adds colon, semicolon and control (ctrl))

    Looks like I can finally replace my v1.0.45 version 🙂


  4. Mackie


    Your right! I removed the first D64 and replaced it with a new version. Check out the link in my previous post!

    It seems like BASIC in v1.2.24 has been limited. For instance the command LIST doesn’t work. And all this trouble/limitations because of Apples stupid rules for apps!


  5. DNA Post author

    The keyboard has never been missing.
    There is a configuration file which can override the default keyboard to provide custom controls for individual games. Simple remove the keyboard reference in the “gameInfo.plist” file to restore the defaults.

    And yes, please at least buy the app folks, I did. 🙂


  6. DNA Post author

    BASIC was also working in 1.1.11 as I’m sure I have already mentioned.
    It was a little tricky to get working because I have yet to have been able to restore the “RESET” key to the keyboard layout. And it makes no sense at all. I will try with 1.2.24.

    You’re .d64 file will make life easier until I or someone else can find a way to restore the “RESET” button.

    Thanks again for your contribution, I will add the file to the site soon.


  7. Mackie

    I’m looking for a way to restore the “faulty” BASIC in the current version of the C64 app. The content of the original C64 Basic.ROM seems to be built-in/included in the main exe (“C64”). I compared the content in the apps exe and the original BASIC ROM and they seem to match. My guess is that the Kernal.ROM is patched in some way. The app will not start if the file is replaced by the original Kernal.ROM from a real C64.

    I don’t understand WHY they “destroyed” BASIC. It should not be possible to get access to BASIC on a device that isn’t jailbroken anyways. It feels pretty lame… Boho!


  8. DNA Post author


    I tried all that several weeks ago, and I came to a similar conclusion, except I was able to load the app with my kernal.rom.

    I’ll try and have something up soon on this.


  9. Mackie

    I must say that the controls in 1.2.24 are pretty good compared to previous versions. Virtual controls on a touch screen isn’t optimal but a lot of games are playable. I finished a couple of levels in Giana Sisters and Rick Dangerous to begin with… 😀


  10. Daniel

    Anybody an idea, what the entries
    – BordersOn
    – Emul1541Proc
    mean? And which value is best for the property “SkipFrames”? I’m currently preparing some games, including box arts – if anybody is interested in it, I could share these files…


  11. Mackie


    BordersOn: This feature is some sort of vertical sync to prevent frame clipping when the screen is scrolling vertically like in the game Commando.

    Emul1541Proc: Turning this feature on (true) will probably make the game loading process more compatible with the original hardware. Only turn this on if a game fails to load properly without it.

    SkipFrames: This value will affect the screen updating in the game. A too low value can cause the screen updating to be choppy and make the game slow down. I think that 2 or 3 is a good value for the iPhone 3G but the value can be decreased with the speedier 3GS (faster CPU). NOTE: It’s a good idea to keep the higher value (2 or 3) if you intend to spread the game and make it playable on new AND old hardware.


  12. Daniel

    Thanks a lot! Meanwhile, I found out that Emul1541Proc also needs to be set to “true” when the game needs to load more stuff from the D64-image (e.g. California Games, which is not completely loaded at once).

    Unfortunately, the app-code-base (Frodo) isn’t as good as Vice, so demos or diskmags don’t run properly on the C64-App.


  13. Darren

    BordersOn: scrolling is still crap in Commando… and don`t you need space to launch grenades? thats not going to work..


  14. Mackie


    Commando works fine for me on my iPhone 3G. I’m using SkipFrames: 3 and BordersOn: true.

    Concerning the space bar problem in Commando: You are able to make custom controls for your games but I don’t know if you can make a layout that actually controls the joystick movement. I made a custom version of Skool Daze and it works just fine because all the controls are available by using just the keyboard.

    One thing that was great in v1.0(.45) was the “Always show full keyboard” setting. You were able to instantly swap between joystick mode and keyboard mode by giving the phone a quick shake. This feature seems to be removed in the latter versions. Too bad!



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