C64.app v1.2.24 Findings

Part 1
I finally got around to checking out v1.2.24 of the Commodore 64 Emulator (C64.app) for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch (I’m doing this as I type in fact), and while I already mentioned that you can still play custom games, I didn’t go much further into detail. This will be a multi-part post involving the exploration, discovery and exploitation of the latest release (1.2.24).

Downloaded Purchases or Free games are stored in "/private/var/mobile/Applications/GUID/Documents/games/".

Games are stored using the same unique name scheme as Apps use.
Example: “com.manomio.C64.bruceLee”

Inside that directory you will find the usual game files,
The box art, state file (save file), the gameInfo.plist file and, the game image (rom) itself.

There is also a folder named “images”.
This contains all of the images a game uses, including but not limited to:

    Control Images
    Keyboard Buttons
    Menu Options
    Background Images

The location of the images displayed is controlled in the “gameInfo.plist” file.




More information to be released as it happens. Stay tuned for more updates to this post shortly!

Part 2


3 thoughts on “C64.app v1.2.24 Findings

  1. DNA Post author

    So after further testing I have discovered that playing custom games on 1.2.24 is incredibly simple, and I was looking for a challenge 😛

    I have hundreds of games installed!

    You basically follow the guide from 1.1.11 only the directory changed and there is no security.

    I will have all the info you seek up shortly.



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