C64 GamePack now live on Cydia!

Special Thanks to Ajeje for creating a pkg for Cydia and getting it hosted with BeYouriPhone.

I will of course be releasing an updated pkg myself via the BigBoss Repo soon, and hopefully the GameLoader as well, which I will be working on in these next few days.

To install the C64 GamePack you must already have version 1.1.11 of the C64.app (C64 Emulator for iPhone and iPod Touch), and have a Jailbroken device with Cydia installed.

Just launch Cydia and add the following source: http://repo.beyouriphone.com/

Then just search for “C64 GamePack” and Install 🙂


11 thoughts on “C64 GamePack now live on Cydia!

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  2. Mackie

    Is this the calm before the storm? It seems like people are waiting for v1.2 with the in-app-purchase feature. I’m still using v.1.0.45 because it’s so easy to add games and modify the emulator.


  3. DNA Post author


    Sorry to hear your having troubles.

    Do you have version 1.1.11? or are you using an older version?

    It’s fully tested and working so it’s highly unlikely that anything is wrong with the package.

    Have you:
    1. Installed the source above?
    2. Installed the C64 Gamepack from the source in Cydia?
    3. Restarted the C64 Application or rebooted your device?

    Sorry I can’t be of more help, there simply must be something you missed…

    Happy Holidays!
    – DNA


  4. DNA Post author


    Hi Mackie,

    Good to see you back, sorry there isn’t much of anything new for you, I’ve been busy with a court case and a wedding and of course the Holidays are upon us so I really haven’t as much time for working on the projects or this page as I would like.

    I created a Game Loader for v1.1.11 that allows you to load a custom game into the emulator easily. I just need to add a few final touches before I release it. There were a couple of challenges in the code that delayed the project but I figured them out after a few long nights.

    This again will be a command line version as I simply am not setup right now to create a GUI.

    I will do my best to have it out this coming Monday or Tuesday.

    Happy Holidays!


  5. Raggiosole

    Hi DNA,
    I have version 1.1.11 and I did everything like you said but it still does not work for me. I notice that when I install the gamepack from cydia, there is a yellow warning that says package installed to/ private and then, during the installation, there are a bunch of “command line not found”….

    Happy Holidays!


  6. JFur

    V1.2 of C64.app, with in-app purchases, is now live. The selection of games has improved — I’ve bought a couple (the author deserves his pay) and grabbed a freebie — but it’s still fairly small, so… DNA, there’s still demand for your sterling work! 🙂


    1. DNA Post author

      Hey JFur,
      Thanks for the update.

      I will continue working on C64 Project as well as possibly the NES and N64 Emulators after the Holidays. The NES emulator is amazing, you can search google for games and then install them, and even use a Wii Mote as a Wireless Controller. Pure Genius!
      I need to buy a 3rd Gen for compatibility with the N64 Emulator.


  7. DNA Post author


    Hi sorry for the delay in my reply.

    Screenshots of the error would be of great help, but I suggest waiting for my next release in a few days hopefully.

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
    – DNA


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