Release: GamePack for C64 Emulator! (Build 3)

This is an Update to Build 2 of the GamePack I released earlier.

The games are the same, however I have added additional error checking.
The install script will now search for the “install” file in “/usr/bin/” if the file exists the script will continue. If it cannot find the required file, it will copy the install file included with this GamePack and the set the correct permissions before continuing with the install.
(No Wifi is required, as I opted out of using apt-get as originally planed.)

You can download the new build below:

Download GamePack (Build 3) 944KB

-Build 3-
12/01/2009 – Updated the “” install script with error checking for the “install” file.
12/01/2009 – Added the “install” file which some users reported missing from their iDevice (No WiFi Required).
12/01/2009 – Change Log now shows changes based on the build.


6 thoughts on “Release: GamePack for C64 Emulator! (Build 3)

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  2. Chris

    If the Script canΒ΄t read your

    then open the “” with “UltraEdit” (Windows Version)

    Change all the “*” with your “Guid” in the Script


    but be careful in following lines

    Line 013
    Line 256
    Line 268


  3. DNA Post author


    Hi Chirs,

    Welcome πŸ™‚
    Thanks for your comment.

    I would like to point out that the script shouldn’t have any problems reading the directory, I have tested this several times without any problem.

    And if you do the following…

    dir=/private/var/mobile/Applications/*/; echo $dir; sleep 60

    You should see your GUID in place of the “*”, meaning the directory exists.

    A Cydia release is on its way which should clear up any and all issues anyone is having.


  4. Darren

    works a treat!! I was doing the same thing? weird… but Im happy…
    Right.. Ill help out and make some gamepacks this weekend πŸ™‚ thanks DNA



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