Release: GamePack for C64 Emulator! (Build 2)

This is an Update to Build 1 of the GamePack I released earlier.

The games are the same, however I have corrected some errors in the README.txt
(Thanks Darren for pointing those out!) and I have added additional error checking
as well as cleaned up the install output.

Darren also pointed out that there was a _MACOSX folder in the GamePack directory
and another GamePack directory under the GamePack directory, how ever the duplicated
folder was caused by the extraction software and method of extraction. So now instead
of the files being in a folder called GamePack, you will need to extract them to a folder
named “GamePack” (Case sensitive) the same as the zip file “”.

You can download the new build below:

Download GamePack (Build 2) 872KB

Change Log:
11/29/2009 – Added some additional error checking and visual enhancements to the output of the install script.
11/29/2009 – Corrected Install Directory Typo in README.txt from “/var/private/mobile/” to “/private/var/mobile/” and “/var/private/mobile/GamePack/” to “/private/var/mobile/GamePack/” (Thanks Darren)
11/29/2009 – Removed Duplicate GamePack Directory in .zip file for Windows users. (Thanks Darren)


12 thoughts on “Release: GamePack for C64 Emulator! (Build 2)

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  2. DNA Post author


    Hi, Thanks for taking the time to stop by and post.

    Darren is correct.
    You must login as root in the MobileTerminal by typing “su root” and then the correct password (Default is “alpine”).

    Then you must set the file permissions of the “” file by typing “chmod 755” or using your SSH/SFTP Client.

    You can check the files current permissions using the following command: ls -l
    from the “/private/var/mobile/” directory.

    You can view a more detailed guide on setting file permissions at the following link:


  3. psy

    hello , i did this the first time (root login etc) , the script run ok but when the command “install” used in the script, it exits and say command install not found , i think i don’t have this command-file(?) , i use 3.1.2 (jailbreak with the latest mobile terminal), thanks! bye


  4. psy

    sorry for the multiple comments ๐Ÿ™‚ , i copied the gamepack at : /var/mobile/GamePack (if this have anything to do with this , but i don’t think so ๐Ÿ™‚ )


  5. DNA Post author


    check the “usr/bin/” directory to see if “install” is present.

    I have included an error check for this in the new script as well as a command to download the file should it be missing (Requires WiFi Connection).



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