No need to rename custom games!

Renaming your roms to work with version 1.1.11 of the Commodore 64 Emulator ( for iPhone & iPod Touch is no longer required. A simple modification of the gameinfo.plist is all that’s required.

However in order for the security check to pass, you must leave the original game in the folder and cannot change the folders original name. I’m working on a way around this, but I’m also working on a GameLoader which will install Games & GamePacks into the emulator. The first release will be a command line tool so you will require MobileTerminal and Backgrounder will most likely be needed as well so that you can load the Emulator and then inject the games. A GUI version is planed for the final polished release and will be available for download via Cydia as well as MobileTerminal to get the latest releases.

Please see the following link for an updated How to Guide.

How to Load Custom Games on C64 v1.1.11  (Rev.2)


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