How to: Load Custom Games on C64 v1.1.11 (Rev.2)

Platform: iPhone & iPod Touch
OS: 3.1.2
App: v1.1.11

How To Guide created by: DNA (aka DNA64)
Contact: dna [at] myhostclub [dot] com

Advanced users can skip to the bottom of the page if they like for a quick “Get to it!” guide.
If you have problems try following the detailed guide right below.

Questions & Comments are welcomed, and there is no need to sign up.

How to: Load Custom Games on C64 v1.1.11 (Rev.2)

This guide is going to assume you already have some basic knowledge.

– Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch
– Guides and tools can be found on
– Download the Jailbreak & Unlock software free at

– OpenSSH (Install via Cydia)

– SSH/SFTP Client
– Mac: Cyber Duck, FileZilla, ForkLift (My Personal Favorite)
– PC: WinSCP, FileZilla

SSH into the following Directory “/private/var/mobile/Applications/*/”

* = The Apps GUID. Just browse till you find it or grab my tool from here to find it if you have a few hundred apps installed.

Copy the game you want to play into the DragonsDen directory, there’s no need to change the name, but make sure its not compressed. It should end with .D64, I will have a guide up for .t64 images soon.

And DO NOT remove the DRAGONSD.D64 file! It is required to pass the security check on program startup.

Create a backup of “gameinfo.plist” in case any editing goes bad.

Edit “gameinfo.plist” following the details below.

The areas in Green are optional.
The areas in Red and Yellow are critical.

Make sure the information in yellow matches the correct information of your game.
The gameid is the same as your save states name, not necessarily your games name.

You MUST clear the previous save state listed in the Red area.
(Mine is blank because I removed it)

If you want to add your own box art and author information you can do so by placing the images name and details into the Green area.



Here is a look at the Original Un-Modified gameinfo.plist for DragonsDen.



Get to it!

The advanced How To Guide!

SSH into the C64 dir and modify the DragonsDens folder contents, Leave the DRAGONSD.D64 in the folder and DO NOT rename the folder. Add the game you want to play to the folder and edit the gameinfo.plist file so that all felds match the games data.Β  The savestate name is the gameid. Add your own box art image if you like. See the images above for examples. You shouldn’t even need this guide πŸ˜›


19 thoughts on “How to: Load Custom Games on C64 v1.1.11 (Rev.2)

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  3. Darren

    So at the moment we are still limited with the original games or rather the original amount of games.. if we are still using the original game as authentification…


  4. DNA Post author


    I can’t say at this time if that is true or not as I’m testing another method which may mean you could have as many as you want! More on that soon πŸ˜‰

    I will be releasing a GamePack in the next few hours (hopefully), if not then later today after work.


  5. Mackie

    Nice work, man!

    Just found out a thing that could be nice to know when v1.2 with in-app purchases arrives: it seems like in-app purchases won’t work if you have AppSync (using Cydia) installed. I tried to buy an enhancement for Ping! using in-app purchase but I wasn’t able to install it since the phone was “sandboxed”. I uninstalled AppSync and Ping!, reinstalled Ping! and now it worked! Just reinstall AppSync again and everything is fine.


  6. Mackie

    So it seems quite easy to add own games in v1.1.11 BUT we are still limited the same number of games the emulator has from the beginning? Or have I missed something? πŸ™‚

    I compared your with a from a game (custom stuff, non-manomio) for v1.0(.45) and from what I can see, all you have to do is remove the keyboard and layout part in the plist? Seems easy enough… This is interesting since there are already numerous of custom games available for v.1.0(.45). I’ve shared a few gems but there are heroes like the guy “dre10g” on other forums that has fixed ~100 games or so.


  7. DNA Post author


    At the moment, yes. You are limited to the number of games already included. However, I’m working on a tool that will let you select your own game (Simple Enough), as well as working on another method which will (Hopefully) allow you to have multiple games, removing the limit (More Challenging).

    The trick to loading your own games is leaving the original in the folder, and leaving the folder name intact. Then just fill in the correct gameinfo for the gameinfo.plist file. Removing the keyboard layout from the gameinfo.plist allows the emulator to use the commodore-keyboard.plist file instead.

    If there are any games or programs or Kernals, Char ROMs (Japanese?), etc that anyone wants let me know. My Commodore Collection is quite impressive as I was heavily into the scene back in the day. In fact my collection is so large that my 1.2GHz computer takes several minutes (10-15) just to open the folders due to the small file size and insane amount of files. (I haven’t tried opening the folders under OSX yet.)


  8. DNA Post author

    I know I said I would be releasing a GamePack earlier, however I’m going to pass on that in favor of spending more time on a Game Loader. I will release a command line tool first so you don’t have too wait long. And then a polished GUI later.

    There is good chance I will have the first release of the Game Loader up as early as TODAY!
    At the latest it should be up tomorrow.


  9. dre10g

    Hey guys,

    This is great news for all us old skool gamers.

    DNA, I just noticed your post on xsellize. Thanks Mackie for the heads up.

    Yeh it took me a while to put them together, late night at work with job finishing early and nothing to do for 3 hours πŸ˜‰

    Anyways, i’m impressed with your work so far and can’t wait for a better way to load more than 5 games.

    Good luck, and may the force be with you.


  10. dre10g

    DNA, I just noticed your post on xsellize.

    It’s great to see how far you’ve come to modding this app.
    Thanks for the heads up Mackie.

    Hope you find a way to get more than 5 games running at a time. I appreciate it.
    I have the games all ready for deployment πŸ˜‰

    Cheers! and keep up the great work!


  11. DNA Post author


    You can run (8) Games right now.

    I’m almost done the loader and I figured I might as well do a GamePack, though a more simple one for now as the one I plan on developing will be rather complex.

    Thanks for the complements and all your hard work as well πŸ™‚



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