C64 GamePacks

I’ve been researching and working on the C64 Emulator for iPhone and iPod Touch around the clock, and part of that research is GamePacks.

Currently there are no GamePacks available for purchase or download, but version 1.1.11 of the C64 Emulator already has everything needed to use them. Here is some information I have found out about the GamePacks based on my understanding of the applications code.

It is possible that some of this information will change in the next release (v1.2) or that some of it is incorrect or just miss-worded.

GamePacks (.pack) will come in compressed .zip packages and will be extracted and installed using a built-in installer. The GamePack bundles path will contain a fixed series of GameInfos for each game and will locate the correct GameInfo using the gameid and will then construct a GameInfo.plist file setting up all the correct information required to play the game. The information is replaced when starting a new game. You will be able to create a favorites list for your favorite games from the packs, plus add and remove them as desired. From what I can see, there are some SHA1 security checks in place.

[GameInfo initWithDictionary:]-[GameInfo isEqual:]-[GameInfo hash]-[GameInfo compare:]-[GameInfo initWithContentsOfGameInfoFile:isBundlePath:]

I also have a good idea on how to create a GamePack, and the required data to go along with it, so I’ll be doing some heavy testing in a attempt to create my own custom pack. Stay tuned for more on that in coming days…

Here is an exclusive image I obtained in my testing.
I wonder what else I will find?…this is the fourth image I have found 😉

Image used for testing by developers

Image used for testing by developers


5 thoughts on “C64 GamePacks

  1. JFur

    You’re doing great stuff here. Although I don’t have the expertise to contribute, I just wanted to say a big “thank you!” to all concerned.


  2. DNA Post author


    Thanks JFur,

    I appreciate you taking the time to post here and voicing your appreciation. It really does mean allot to me to receive feedback like this. It lets me know I’m doing this for a reason and not just talking into cyberspace.

    – DNA


  3. Mackie

    Ah, cool finding! I guess that it’s only a question of time before game packs are available and it’s possible to find out exactly how it works.

    Thanks for your efforts!


  4. Mackie

    BTW, I’m going to wait for v1.2 before I replace v1.0.45 because I thinks v1.1.11 is a bit difficult to modify. Let’s hope that v1.2 and games packs will change this! I must say that v1.0.45 works pretty good and feels polished for being (one of) the first releases.

    Hmm… It would be quite nice to be able to use the upcoming v1.2 with in-app purchases AND own games. I’ve said it before and say it again: support this app to keep it alive! 😀


  5. DNA Post author


    I’m excited for a 1.2 release as well!
    And having paid for the app, I can upgrade as soon as it goes up on the app store 🙂

    But having looked at the GamePack support in v1.1.11 I doubt v1.2 would get any simpler.

    I’m am working on creating tools to simplify the process, and I have found easier ways to do some things, all of which I will post here shortly. And I fully plan on working on v1.2 and updating any tools released if needed.



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