Contributers Wanted!

If you would like to contribute content to this site related to the C64 Emulator for iPhone please register using this link and post here explaining what you could bring to the site. Upon approval you will be able to post your own content on the site.

(Abuse will not be tolerated, and any users abusing the system will be banned from using the site.)

You can also register at the link above to subscribe to this site.

I look forward to seeing your contributions 🙂


4 thoughts on “Contributers Wanted!

  1. DNA Post author


    Hi digger,

    You can find everything you need using the following links.
    Keep in mind you should backup all of your photos, notes, music, videos, important sms messages, and contacts as well as any calendar entries before continuing.

    Also after all is said and done, and you are asked by iTunes, DO NOT restore a backup, just treat the device as new, and then sync your data back afterwords.

    You should also RESTORE your iPhone to the latest 3.1.2 Firmware before Jailbreaking and Unlocking. (If you’re on 3.1.2 don’t worry about restoring)

    It’s really simpler then following any online guides.
    All you really need to do is Download Blacksn0w (to Jailbreak) and then in Cydia install BootNeuter if you want to Unlock.

    It might take you all of about 5-10 minutes, mostly waiting.

    Visit for the Jailbreak (It also unlocks 3G/3GS).
    Click the logos at the bottom of the page depending on your OS. (Win? Mac?)

    (This will also Jailbreak an iPhone 2G, and is the simplest method available.)

    How to Install OpenSSH on Your iPhone (Cydia)

    How to Change the Root Password on Your iPhone

    Feel free to ask for help if you get stuck.

    Good Luck 🙂
    – DNA


  2. Mackie

    I’m going to continue to contribute with stuff here in your article comments… 🙂 Please feel free to use my stuff in your posts like you’ve done before!



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