How to Load Custom Games on C64 v1.1.11

The moment you have all been waiting for is here!

I started with a clean slate after corrupting my install and found an easier way to get custom games running.
so since the process is a little simpler I thought I’d share it with you all earlier then planed 🙂

I will still release lots of tweaks and a few tools to simplify the process of loading the custom games.

This How To Guide has been updated! Please view the new guide HERE.
This Guide is for v1.1.11

Here is a quick guide on how to do it, and if you have troubles you can view the more detailed guide below.

SSH into /private/var/mobile/Applications/*/

Create a backup of “gameinfo.plist” in case any editing goes bad.

Edit “gameinfo.plist” and remove the following lines of code:


Save the changes to “gameinfo.plist”.

Create a Backup of “DRAGONSD.D64”.

Put the custom game image (*.d64/*.t64) you want to use in the DragonsDen folder.

Launch the C64 Emulator and while viewing your Game Shelf SSH into the DragonsDen folder and rename your custom image to “DRAGONSD.D64”.

Now tap the Dragon’s Den [Run/Play] button and when asked don’t resume the previous game if your running this for the first time.

old saves states loading (relaunch game, not app to fix)

changes to plist require app re-launch

game does not display on game shelf (rename the custom image and restore the original, launch the emulator and then rename the game.)

More details and a full guide to follow later, I’ve run out of time >.<

Change images/boxarts as you like 🙂


14 thoughts on “How to Load Custom Games on C64 v1.1.11

  1. Mackie

    Ah, thank you for the info! I’m going to try to install v1.1.11 AND keep my custom v1.0.45 and try to mess around a bit with v1.1.11.

    Maybe I’ve asked this before but how do you access BASIC in v1.1.11? In v1.0.45 you just removed/renamed nobasicoverlay.png and nobasicoverlay_landscape.png and/or hit the RESET-key/button.


  2. Darren

    Whoa! it works!! trying to get the gmae shelf working….
    Got Hawkeye working… but can`t start game… every key etc I hit nothing 😦

    Superb work DNA 🙂


  3. Darren

    Ok… game shelf stuff… I`m guessing I`m follow the same thing with the .d64 as I am with the cover.png ? meaning, doing the same steps!
    If I copy over the new cover png and launch C64 then the game disapears from the game shelf…
    I`m confused witht cover art bit I think!!


  4. Darren

    Ok… Hawkeye I had to swap the joystick… it works great!! if I come out of the emulator.. load it back again… no Dragons Den ? how come it disapears??
    Seems I have to reset everything in the Dragons Den folder ( as it was ) and starting over!


  5. DNA Post author


    You can still remove/rename the nobasicoverlay.png and nobasicoverlay_landscape.png
    When the game is loading hit the “RESTORE” button to drop into BASIC.

    I’ll have more up on this later as I’m at work right now.


  6. DNA Post author


    The .png image shouldn’t cause it to disappear, but the game will, so you always have to launch the emulator with the original games intact to pass the security check.

    You can change the coverArtPath and gameid strings as well as the title etc, just keep a backup of the gameinfo.plist in case something goes wrong.


  7. Johnny

    Yeah, I don’t think it’s a very practical way of doing things. I would wait for the next release which has in app purchases. I would think they would have to have some sort of external XML file which will be read in which has the games and the CRC. I think they will just leave the core games in the app it self. Then we have to figure out the algorithm for the CRC check.


  8. DNA Post author


    This is just for those that don’t want to wait.

    I will have a much simpler way of loading games available soon.

    I will be creating more mods/tweaks and tools to get everything done soon.

    I’m also already working with GamePacks.



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