Bruce Lee on C64 1.1.11 (Video)

First I wasn’t prepared to take video so the quality is horrible, sorry about that.

This is just a video of Bruce Lee running on the iPhone under the version 1.1.11

Simple Proof of Concept that was I able to bypass the built in security and load my own game.
Original Video – More videos at TinyPic


6 thoughts on “Bruce Lee on C64 1.1.11 (Video)

  1. DNA Post author

    I should also mention that it is 5:15 AM now, and I haven’t slept so I’m a bit out of it, not to mention the swollen infected jaw 😛

    Even though you can’t make them out, I should mention the images used for the keyboard buttons were provided to me by Mackie.


  2. Daniel

    Hi there,
    I’m also interested in how to use own disc-images/games for the C64-emulator-app I bought in the app-store. Maybe I’ve missed something in your blog, but how can I use own images on the new version 1.1 of the emulator? Have you already posted a kind of “instruction” for that?
    Best wishes



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