C64 v1.1.11 Findings Part 1

I recently purchased the latest version of the C64 Emulator (A Port of Frodo) by Manomio via the App Store for $4.99USD and began poking around under the hood immediately.

After being pulled twice from the App Store, it’s clear the long wait was due to some careful thinking, though maybe not too clear…

My Findings?

Increased Security, Basic Removed, Keyboard Removed and more which I will explain later. For now I bring to you this Question, for an app with no Keyboard doesn’t this screenshot look a little odd to you?

Screenshot of the c64.app directory and C64 Keyboard Graphics.

Screenshot of the c64.app directory and C64 Keyboard Graphics.


9 thoughts on “C64 v1.1.11 Findings Part 1

  1. Darren

    Yes i`ve wondered why these are still there.. I`ve dumped them onto my pc.. but the .png files are open`able… they are encrypted maybe ?


  2. DNA Post author

    Yes, the images are encrypted. You can decrypt them using iphonefixpng or similar tools found online and even in Cydia (Providing you have the right source installed). TIP: You don’t have to re-encrypt them 😉


  3. Mackie

    Well… I think that v1.0 works quite well and I’m not that sorry about being stuck with that version at the moment. Would be nice to have the 30% speed increase that v1.1 is supposed to gain but I not willing to trade that for being able to add own games and modify the look of the emulator… 🙂

    It will be interesting when the first in-app purchase games appears. Maybe then we will be able to figure out how to add own games again.

    Just wondering; since the iPhone 3GS is faster than the 3G, maybe it’s possible to get smoother gameplay by decreasing the SkipFrames value in the gameInfo.plist files in each games folder? It seem like the value is “3” by default and maybe “2” will give a higher fps?


  4. Darren

    I noticed in one or two of the games the frameskip is set to 2 ( for version 1.1 ) I`m pretty sure I saw that…
    DnP: you can use what?? is that 1.1 or the original ( 1.0 ) ver?


  5. Mackie

    Another tip for v1.0: Rename/remove nobasicoverlay.png and nobasicoverlay_landscape.png in c64.app folder on your iPhone to get access to BASIC directly without having to reset!

    Darren: Maybe they have decreased the value since v1.1 is supposed to be 30% faster?

    DnP: Yeah, what version are we talking about?


  6. Darren

    Mackie: yeah thats what I`m thinking! 30% faster has to be easily 1 less frameskip 🙂

    DnP: Race is on with you and DNA, pics are up of basic screens… but no keyboard!



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