Hello world!


A keyboard patch for the C64.app for iPhone and iPod Touch,
providing the Colon and Semicolon keys for use in BASIC programming. The Official App is currently missing the Colon and Semicolon keys from the keyboard.

(Jailbreak Required)

Hey everyone,

DNA here,
some of you may know me from the IRC chats, I have been absent for a month or so now due to a new job but you can expect me back very soon :)

I have been working on some projects for this emulator, one of which is the re-addition of the Colon and Semicolon.

I’m pleased to announce that I have completed the patch and it should be hosted shortly in a repo. Hopefully it’s done officically by Stuart Carnie so users without jailbroken devices can take full advantage of BASIC.

But for now you can download the patch files here:
http://sharesend.com/d798lUpdated! v1.0.1

You will need to SSH this patch into your device until I release a installer which will be available via a Cydia Repo. Most likely a BigBoss Repo ;)

The Pound (£) and AT (@) symbols were replaced on the Numeric Keyboard, these will be re-added in a future release.

More details will be released shortly on my new site.



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